Before and After Photos that Show Kylie Jenner Definitely Had a Boob Job
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Kylie Jenner

Before and After Photos that Show Kylie Jenner Definitely Had a Boob Job


It would be hard for her to deny it at this point.

There have been rumors for ages that Kylie Jenner received breast implants to enhance her look.

And now after a photo posted to her social media with major cleavage, fans are completely convinced that she definitely went under the knife.

On July 23, the reality star posted a selfie of herself in a lacy, yellow bra.

If you look at some of her past photos, there is definitely a big difference in her decolletage.

“Holy fake boobs!! I was wondering when she going to really show them off,” one fan commented on the selfie. 

“Kylie Jenner had to up her implant size. I wonder what size those are,” another tweeted.

Many surgeons believe the 19-year-old has gotten her breasts augmented.

She may have had surgery as recently as December 2016 to go from a B cup to a D, a plastic surgeon told

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“I’ve thought about [getting a breast enhancement], but I’m like why ruin it? I have really good boobs naturally, they’re like a great size,” she said in August 2016 on her website.

“I’m not against it,” she added.

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In June, the KUWTK star showed off her chest on Snapchat and wrote the word "Finally" across her breast.

Fans went wild and figured this meant that she finally got the plastic surgery people had speculated about.


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"But especially having the most beautiful sisters in the world ... I just try to find what makes me feel good and be as confident as possible," the makeup maven told Teen Vogue in 2015.

Perhaps she finally felt the pressure and gave in to live up to her Kardashian clan sisters.

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Until the youngest Jenner sister confirms or denies, we'll just have to compare before and after photos to make our case.