Kylie Jenner Shares First Kiss Story, Calls Him For Old Times’ Sake

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Shares First Kiss Story, Calls Him For Old Times’ Sake


Before her engorged lips became a pop culture phenomenon, Kylie Jenner was using her then-thin pucker for things other than selfies — you know, like kissing.


In a new video posted to Kylie’s self-titled app, she recounts the story of her very first kiss. Considering Khloe Kardashian admitted to having sex for the first time at just 14, we’re not shocked her lil sis Kylie was also young when she lost her kissing virginity.


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Kylie revealed she had her first smooch in the fourth grade! She gave her childhood crush Mathew a peck on the lips at a mutual friend’s house, which is pretty innocent as far as first kisses go.

But what’s Mathew doing these days, you may wonder? Kylie was curious, too, so, with the help of two of her pals, she decided to call up her old friend. Once she realized his phone number still worked, the 18-year-old proceeded to tell him how much she misses him. Only issue? The poor guy didn’t even remember their smooch. Buuurn!


"Mathew, you know you were," Kylie said. "You know what I'm talking about."


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Eventually, Mathew came around and remembered the sweet moment.


For Tyga’s sake, let’s hope Kylie’s kissing skills are more memorable these days than they were back then!


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