Everything We Know About Lamar Odom’s Hospitalization and Trip to the Brothel
Lamar Odom unconscious
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Lamar Odom

Everything We Know About Lamar Odom’s Hospitalization and Trip to the Brothel


UPDATE (10/17/2015 10:10 am ET):

● Lamar's health seems to be on the rise. Now a source is saying the ex-Lakers player has a clean CAT-scan result and he's being taken off of dialysis. 


● The ailing athlete's family was spotted looking happy around Las Vegas, and his aunt was even fist pumping with joy outside of Sunrise Hospital, where her nephew is receiving medical treatment.  


UPDATE (10/16/2015 3:44 pm ET):

●  He's is out of a coma! E! News reports Lamar has woken up from his coma and is now breathing on his own. A source tells the site Lamar woke up, said "Hey, baby" to Khloe Kardashian, who was at his bedside, gave her a thumbs up, and went back to sleep.

●  However, ESPN reports that though Lamar is conscious, he is still wearing a breathing mask and in critical condition.


UPDATE (10/16/2015 2:45 pm ET):

●  The Daily Mail reports Lamar Odom was shooting "speedballs," which means he was injecting cocaine along with methadone or heroin. They also cite a source who claims Lamar was ranting to the prostitutes about the Kardashians, saying they "ruined my life" by conspiring to break him and Khloe up and using him to boost Keeping Up With the Kardashians ratings. "The only Kardashian he had anything good to say about was Rob who he said had been a good friend," the insiders reveals.


UPDATE (10/16/2015 11:50 am ET):

● Lamar is improving! His heart function is "much better" and doctors say it's a good sign that at least one of his vital organs is responding.


UPDATE (10/16/2015 10:20 am ET):

●  Lamar Odom is currently breathing with the help of a ventilator, according to People. Khloe and Lamar's family are "preparing for the worst" since his condition has remained unchanged. "He is on his last leg," says the source.


UPDATE (10/15/2015 12 p.m. ET):

●  A new report from RadarOnline.com claims Lamar had been begging Khloe to stop filming their phone conversations for use on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. "He was powerless to stop it because Lamar had previously signed off on having phone calls recorded when he was married to Khloe, and part of the show," a source says, adding, "She would tell him, ‘You owe me this after you humiliated me by cheating with other women.”

●  The Kardashian-Jenner clan is converging in Vegas to be with Lamar, with Kim Kardashian reportedly canceling her baby shower, Caitlyn Jenner leaving a visit with her mother, and Kendall Jenner ditching Shanghai Fashion Week.

●  Kris Jenner and Rob Kardashian have also posted their prayers for Lamar on Instagram.

●  Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian has flown in Lamar's father, ex-girlfriend, and children.

●  Other family members of his are congregating at his aunt's house in Queens, New York.

●  The 911 calls from the brothel have been released.

●  One report touts that Lamar had spent $75,000 at the brothel by the time he fell unconscious.

●  Additionally, Lamar was reportedly due in court next week in his ongoing custody battle with ex-girlfriend Liza Morales.

UPDATE (10/14/2015 5:20 p.m. ET):

●  Because Khloe and Lamar are still legally married — though they signed their divorce papers, a judge has yet to sign off on them — the baller's estranged wife may be tasked with making all medical decisions on his behalf. This means, should it come to this, Khloe will have to decide whether to cease or continue all life-sustaining efforts.

UPDATE (10/14/2015 4:05 p.m. ET):


● Lamar Odom has reportedly experienced multiple strokes since being admitted to Las Vegas’s Sunrise Hospital


● Doctors have now given Lamar a 50/50 chance of survival because four of his organs are failng and he has brain damage.


● Khloe Kardashian's ex is also reportedly hooked up to a dialysis machine due to his kidney failure. 


NEWS: Is Lamar Odom Brain Dead? #RIPLamar and #RIPLO Trending on Twitter 


● Jesse Jackson is opposing all reports that the basketball champ is currently in a coma and insists he spent 30 minutes with the ex-Laker and “his condition was improving.” The civil rights leader even allegedly saw “signs of responsiveness.” 


● Sources inside the hospital say Jesse is “flat-out wrong” and only had three minutes alone with Lamar.

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UPDATE (10/14/2015 12:20 p.m. ET):


While the proprietor of the brother Lamar Odom was found unconscious in originally said the athlete wasn’t doing any illegal drugs, Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas has reportedly found “virtually every drug imaginable,” in his system. 


● An insider says there is “likely brain damage” confirming a rumor from this morning. The severity is unknown.


● Doctors believe the 35-year-old suffered from a “loss of oxygen but also possible stroke,” says E! News. His plausible “ischemic stoke” would have been caused by a blood clot blocking blood from entering the brain. 


● Experts are treating the former L.A. Lakers player as an “accidental overdose” case  not a suicide. His possible stroke is common among cocaine overdoses.


● "He was doing crack cocaine all weekend and he choked on his mucous,” said a source in the hospital. "They're now having to fix all the damage it has done."

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ORIGINAL STORY (10:50 a.m. ET):


Lamar Odom was found unconscious yesterday, October 13, in a Nevada brothel called the Love Ranch.


Emergency services were called after the NBA champion was found spewing unknown substances — which reportedly included blood and “foam” — after arriving at the legal “cathouse” on Saturday, October 9.

PHOTOS: Inside the Nevada Brothel Where Lamar Odom Was Found Unconscious

Now his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian, along with many members of her family, are by his side, while others rush to his Las Vegas hospital as quickly as possible.


Here’s a full roundup of what we know surrounding the former basketball star’s terrifying medical emergency. Keep checking back as new developments surface:


● Lamar had been happy and sleeping every night during his bunny ranch visit, where he wanted to “get away from everybody” and “have fun,” said owner, Dennis Hof.


● But the athlete had also been taking loads of “herbal Viagra,” according to reports, and also drank half a bottle of cognac.

● Reports say he may have been on a “three-day booze and pill bender.”


VIDEO: Lamar Odom Unconscious: KUWTK Cameras Filming Khloe, Kris, and Kim at Hospital


● Two women went to check on the former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star in the VIP suite after not hearing from him for hours and found him unconscious.


● The 911 call for Lamar was made around 3:15 pm PST for an unresponsive male. He arrived at Desert View hospital around 4:16 p.m.


● Paramedics were still working on him at time of arrival.


● The basketball player was supposed to be airlifted to another hospital, but at 6’10, he was too tall. Instead, an ambulance rushed him to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, which was about 70 miles away.

●  Khloe left for Las Vegas with Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian at 7:05 p.m. PST — less than an hour after Lamar’s incident started making headlines.


● The NBA champ is currently comatose and in critical condition. His kidneys, heart, and liver are failing.


FEATURES: Reality Stars, Dwyane Wade, and Wendy Williams All Send Lamar Odom Their Support


● The 35-year-old is reportedly only breathing thanks to a hospital ventilator. Doctors may be saying he’s “brain dead.”

● A rumor alleges Khloe and Lamar’s divorce paperwork — which they both signed — has not yet gone through because of a “backlog” in California courts. A judge possibly hasn’t signed the documents yet, meaning Koko is still his next of kin.


● If the gossip is true, the youngest Kardashian sister would get his entire “$50 million” fortune and decide whether to pull the plug on her estranged spouse, instead of his children or blood relatives.  


● Kobe Bryant left a Las Vegas pre-season game early to be with his former teammate.


● Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak was also there, according to reports.

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●  Kris Jenner was caught looking distraught outside of Sunrise Hospital while wearing all black.


● Khloe had been worried her ex would “spiral” out of control for a while, especially after the death of his childhood friend Jamie Sangouthai.


● Lamar’s father Joe Odom, a self-described former addict, is asking for “prayers, just prayers.” The “stunned” dad was “not good” and “just trying to take care of some business right now."


● The older Odom is also convinced "somebody drugged" his son. He's desperate for Khloe to call him if she's knows anything about it. 


● Kylie Jenner had to abruptly end her live-stream on TheKylieJenner.com when news of her former brother-in-law’s hospitalization broke.


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