Ben Higgins Admits It’s “Hard” to See Lauren Bushnell With Her New Boyfriend
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Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins Admits It’s “Hard” to See Lauren Bushnell With Her New Boyfriend


It’s never easy to see someone you loved move on with someone else.

It has to be especially difficult when you were engaged to that person as recently as three months ago, as with the case of Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell.

And while the Bachelor 2016 star is playing nice over his former fiancée’s new relationship, he’s also being surprisingly honest about how it makes him feel.

Since we first heard that Lauren had started dating real estate investor Devin Antin in July, we were curious how Ben felt about the situation.

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A few weeks back, he opened up about the overwhelming moment he found out about the romance, admitting that he had to go for a run to clear his head.

Still, as always, he was very politically correct and maintained that he had to “celebrate Lauren” for finding love.

However, his ex has become increasingly more public with her relationship since, and no longer shies away from the cozy selfie with gushing captions.

Sundays with youuuuu

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As he’s said before, the Bachelor has not moved on in the same way, admitting, “I am not ready for another relationship to take place in the public eye.

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“I sense that I couldn’t prepare my heart to get engaged six months after my previous engagement ended.”

So you can imagine how it’s felt for the Denver native to see this sort of PDA between Lauren and Devin on social media — something he commented on this week.

"I don’t know a lot about the situation, honestly. From what I understand and from what I hear, she’s happy,” he started cautiously to Us Weekly.

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“As hard as that is for me to think about — because it’s still hard to think about and I think it would be hard for her to think about if I was in that situation.”

The 28-year-old also alluded to the challenging experience during his Almost Famous podcast with Ashley Iaconetti last week.

During their conversation about BIP’s Kristina Schulman and Dean Unglert, Ashley expressed how difficult it is to watch the person you have feelings for date someone else.

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While explaining it to her co-host, the two-time BIP alum pointed out how this applies to him.

“It’s the most hurtful thing to have to see the guy you like with somebody else because normally you don’t have to watch that,” she reasoned.

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“The most you’re going to see is through social media — you know how that goes. That hurts in general.”

In a very candid moment, the tech sales rep replied, “Yes it does. I get that.”

“Anytime you have to watch anything like this happen in front of you — and it’s easy to do in today’s world — it hurts really bad, and it’s not fair to any party involved,” he continued, seeming to refer to his own situation with Lauren.

Still, anytime of hurt or anger the hunk might harbor inside, he’s not letting it out. Actually, he has only glowing things to say about the woman he almost married.

“Lauren is an incredible person. She’s great and she’s beautiful and she has a ton going for her,” he gushed.

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“That girl is going to crush it when it comes to this world. She’s a good friend to people. We need people like her happy and so if she’s happy right now, I will celebrate that the best I can.”