More Details on Lauren Bushnell’s New Boyfriend, Devin Antin (PHOTOS)
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Lauren Bushnell

More Details on Lauren Bushnell’s New Boyfriend, Devin Antin (PHOTOS)


It’s been a couple of weeks since word broke that Lauren Bushnell was dating someone new after the Ben Higgins breakup.

At the time, all we knew about the Bachelor 2016 winner’s beau was that his name is Devin Antin and he’s a friend from before she joined Season 20.

But now, we’ve got more scoop on this mystery man — more specifically, we’ve got pics!

According to E! News sources, Lauren and Devin were strictly platonic back in her single days of 2015, though that changed after her engagement ended this spring.

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"They are dating exclusively. It happened fast,” the insider shared.

Apparently, this all happened when the 27-year-old returned to L.A. from her shared home with Ben in Denver.

She and her former pal hung out as friends at first, but it changed to romantic soon after.

This was seemingly corroborated by a July 6 tweet from the reality star, who wrote, “Also the best things happen when you least expect it…”

Around this time, the two were caught canoodling on Snapchat during some Fourth of July fireworks.

It’s not like they were trying to hide their budding relationship, either, as they sat front row at a Dodgers game together soon after.

Cameras caught the two looking cozy and having a good time together.

Seriously, it looked like a lot of fun!

Lo even went so far as to turn the camera on themselves and have some fun with filters on Snapchat.

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Snapchat seems to be the method of choice for the two to show off their love, as Devin has appeared a number of times on the Portland native’s account.

While Ben wasn’t as big of a fan of the social media outlet, his ex’s new man doesn’t appear to have a problem with it.

They look pretty cute together, right?

Their natural connection is likely thanks to their years of friendship, which one fan proved with a 2015 shot of them side-by-side during a group hangout.

In the shot above, they’re standing next to one another, with him in a red plaid shirt.

So what else do we know about Devin? Not much, as his accounts are private, and there’s no other trace of him on his famous GF’s page.

The few pics we have turned up show that he’s handsome, has lived in L.A. for at least as long as the Bachelor alum, and he’s a Green Bay Packers fan.

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Interesting — wonder if he’s a Wisconsin guy just like Nick Viall!

Here’s hoping our girl Lauren will share some more shots of the two together soon!