Olivia Caridi Defends Lauren Bushnell For Moving On Quickly From Ben Higgins
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Lauren Bushnell

Olivia Caridi Defends Lauren Bushnell For Moving On Quickly From Ben Higgins


It’s not common for someone to be in a relationship just a couple months after ending their engagement with someone else.

But Lauren Bushnell’s life isn’t common — she fell in love and got engaged to Ben Higgins in just three months on Bachelor 2016, after all!

Still, many fans have been skeptical of the timing of the Season 20 winner’s new relationship, and one of her Bachelor Nation pals is coming to her defense.

As we mentioned, Lauren started dating real estate investor Devin Antin in July — just two months after she and Ben called things off in May.

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Her former fiancé has been open about how difficult it would be for him to date someone new right now.

“I am not ready for another relationship to take place in the public eye,” he said recently, later adding that it was “hard” for him to see her with Devin on social media.


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That said, he remained politically correct on the matter, saying that he has to “celebrate Lauren” for finding love.

Meanwhile, his ex has become increasingly more public with her relationship, sharing a number of gushing posts with her new beau.

Sundays with youuuuu

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For those who think this is all too much too soon, the Cali gal’s former Bachelor co-star, Olivia Caridi, has a response.

Though Olivia’s time on the show was plagued with housemate drama, she has only positive things to say about the ex-flight attendant, whom she says was the right pick for the Bachelor.

Olivia Caridi on Women Tell All
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“I do think Ben made the right choice that he wanted to make in picking Lauren,” she tells Life & Style, “and I could see the connection even when I was filming with the two of them and knew they were smitten with each other.”

She continues, “Yes, they didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean his choice was wrong.”

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The way the Nashville resident sees it, LaurBen’s relationship was a learning experience — both about each other and themselves.

“They can both use that experience in their future relationships,” the Mouthing Off podcast host states.

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She also insists that there’s nothing wrong with the former reality star finding love quickly after their split.

“As far as Lauren’s timetable for moving on, I don’t think there’s a limit of time that it takes to find someone new," she reasons.

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She adds, “She’s clearly happy, and honestly, they both seem lighter and more happy in the photos I’ve seen since moving on.”

Ultimately, all that matters is that they’re happy in their individual lives, the former broadcaster explains.

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She concludes, “We should all just want them to be happy and not worry about who she’s seeing or how long it takes for him to see someone new.”