We’re Jealous of Lauren Bushnell & Trista Sutter’s Friendship (PHOTO)
Trista Sutter and Lauren Bushnell
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Lauren Bushnell

We’re Jealous of Lauren Bushnell & Trista Sutter’s Friendship (PHOTO)


Bachelor blondes unite!

Two of the franchise’s fan favorite gals, Trista Sutter and Lauren Bushnell, hung out over the weekend, and we are super jealous of their friendship.

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Alongside the above photo, the Bachelor 2016 winner writes, “Love this girl so much. Such a great example of true beauty and grace.”

Meanwhile, Trista shared the same sweet snap, gushing about Ben Higgins’s future wife.

“Trying to perfect the windblown look with this beautiful Colorado import. Love you @lauren_bushnell,” she captions, along with hashtags that explain the original Bachelorette had taken a day trip into Lauren and Ben’s native Denver from her hometown of Vail when the two met up.

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This hangout session shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who follow both the 43-year-old Bachelorette OG and Lauren’s fiancé Ben on social media. The fellow Coloradans have hung out more than a few times in the past, with Trista writing in February about her “hope” for this love story. Looks like it worked!

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Plus, this time last year, the 27-year-old hunk posted a pic with both Trista and her husband Ryan, admitting he was “fanguying” over the super cute couple.

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It is a good morning when you run into some of Colorado's favorite people #fanguying

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So much love to go around!