Lea Michele Got Tattoos With THESE Glee Co-stars!
Lea Michele Got Tattoos With THESE Glee Co-stars!
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Lea Michele Got Tattoos With THESE Glee Co-stars!


Lea Michele (Rachel) is clearly a big fan of getting ink done. But what we especially love about Lea's interest in body art is that she likes her tattoos to be connected to the special people in her life. In fact, Lea reveals that she got a number of tats with her Glee co-stars during a national tour for the show!

Lea's combined total number of tats these days is somewhere in the low to mid-teens. She has a variety of small ones scattered around inconspicuous places on her body, and our favorite one of hers might be the tattoo she got last year in Cory Monteith's (Finn) memory.

Now, Lea is revealing that she actually got three tattoos when she was in Chicago during the Glee tour a couple years ago. And some of her cast members even got inked with her.

"I got a tattoo of 'Imagine' with my cast member Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) and Kevin McHale (Artie); then, me, Jenn, and Amber Riley (Mercedes) got little star tattoos together," Lea says. "It was so fun!"

This is such a cute story! We've always known that Lea and her castmates are besties, but the fact that they have a permanent reminder of their amazing time on the tour together is awesome. And we're just glad Lea's tattoo experiences have gone better than Kurt's ill-fated "It's Get Better" mishap.

Are you surprised that Lea got tats with the Glee cast?

Source: Windy City Media Group