Leah Messer Gets Ready to Date Again After Divorce in ‘Teen Mom 2’ Sneak Peek
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Teen Mom 2

Leah Messer Gets Ready to Date Again After Divorce in ‘Teen Mom 2’ Sneak Peek


Teen Mom 2 fans have been dying for Leah Messer to get back out there — and now’s the time, ladies and gents.

In a sneak peek for the September 18 episode of the MTV show, the mom of three is ready to start dating again two years after her divorce from Jeremy Calvert.


After signing up for dating app Bumble — and letting daughter Aleeah help her swipe on the “Bumble boys” — she tells a friend over the phone how apprehensive she is about the whole thing.


“I have tried this whole dating app thing and I just think it’s weird. It’s been like, two years,” she says.

“It makes me anxious because I have kids. I don’t want just anybody coming into my children’s lives,” she concludes.

However, her friend assures her that a date can be super casual like bowling or dinner...and Leah obliges.


Can’t wait to see who the lucky guy is!

Maybe Briana DeJesus should start looking for some new male prospects, too, as she gets some more disturbing news this week about Luis.


“I have to go to school for a month but it’s in Jacksonville,” he tells her.

“Then it’s two months in training. Since I don’t have a 9-5 job right now this is the best option for us financially.”


Briana is supportive of his decision — “if it will help you be a good father to Stella then go for it” — but she is understandably upset when she learns this new arrangement means Luis might not be around for Stella’s birth.

“My due date is July 12,” she tells him when he says he’s leaving in late June.

“You’re more than likely going to miss out on the birth...”


Then we have Chelsea Houska, whose baby daddy slash husband Cole DeBoer is getting some extra love this week with a DIY craft from Aubree and Watson for Father’s Day:

Sure beats that time Adam Lind ditched Aubs on Father’s Day two years ago!

And lastly we have Kailyn Lowry, who’s pretty much blindsided by Jo Rivera filing for 50-50 custody of Isaac.

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“He didn’t have a reason for why he wanted to even file,” she tells a friend while watching the boys’ karate class.

“It’s been going fine. Any time he’s ever asked me for extra days, weekends… I’ve always said yes. It came out of nowhere. I thought we’ve been fine.

“Even if we weren’t fine, this isn’t how you...you really did this while I’m six months pregnant?


Well, that's not his problem, but...

Watch all four clips above and tune into Teen Mom 2 Monday, September 18 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.