Leah Messer Defends Her Spending Habits in Epic Twitter Rant
Leah Messer Defends Her Spending Habits in Epic Twitter Rant
Credit: Leah Messer on Twitter    

Leah Messer

Leah Messer Defends Her Spending Habits in Epic Twitter Rant


Poor Leah Messer has come under a huge amount of criticism for her spending habits, which were documented during MTV's fifth season of Teen Mom 2.

As we saw on the small screen, Leah has a major cash flow problem, and her husband, Jeremy Calvert, was less than thrilled when she dropped money on a slew of Mary Kay products.

On top of that, Leah was slammed by fans for asking her baby daddy, Corey Simms for more money in child support — especially after news broke that she'd just bought a horse for her daughters.

Leah definitely has some explaining to do, so this gal took to Twitter with a gazillion tweets setting the record straight. For the sake of everyone's sanity we've rounded up her musings as full paragraphs, but you can check out the individual tweets at the source!

"First off, the horse was given to the girls and for Ali to use for therapeutic riding from her grandparents," Leah explained. "Second the money I spend or "spent" so to say wasn't only on makeup. You guys do seem to forget that this is reality TV and many things are edited to fit timing Etc. So you guys really should take a step back to THINK before being so judgmental."

That being said, Leah went on to explain that she enjoys getting feedback from her fans. "I love to hear you opinions even the ones that is so hurtful because I take it to heart and try to let it make me a stronger person by looking at opinions as a lesson and be more understanding,” she adds. “The advice I love accepting and remaining strong through all the ups and downs that I have."

Leah also wants fans to know that her daughters come first, and they're 100 percent her priority. "I appreciate everyone, and will always remain the person I was 5 or 6 years ago.” Remember I don't do this for myself I do this for others,” she writes.

“I love my daughters with all of my heart and all I will ever want for them is an amazing life and for them to be able to look up to their mommy as a role model,” Leah continues. “I hope in time each and everyone of you guys out their [sic] a over the world can see I care about every human being and all I want is to make a difference."

There's never been any doubt in our minds that Leah's trying her best to positively influence fans, and be the best mom she can be for her daughters.

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