Leah Messer Reveals The Real Reason She Went to Rehab on \'Teen Mom 2\' After Show
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Leah Messer Reveals The Real Reason She Went to Rehab on ‘Teen Mom 2’ After Show


The ladies of Teen Mom 2 sat down for the unofficial therapy session known as The After Show this week, and it was a great opportunity for Leah Messer to enlighten fans about her stint in rehab.


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Leah candidly admitted that "things were spiraling out of control" before her month-long treatment session, and that she almost didn't seek help because of the assumption that she was using drugs.

"A lot of people put a stigma on getting help in general," Leah said. "Automatically, I'm a drug addict. Just because I'm asking for help it means I'm a drug addict?"


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Leah was worried that if she admitted to needing therapy, her ex-husband, Corey Simms, would use it against her in their ongoing custody battle. "I was scared if I say I'm gonna get help, I'm gonna lose my kids," she explained. "At the end of the day, if someone judges me or I lose my kids if I'm reaching out for help, what kinda world do we live in?"


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Leah also explained that she's not jumping into a relationship post-divorce from Jeremy Calvert — she reportedly isn’t actually dating her trainer, T.R Dues, as we all thought — but the same can't be said for Jenelle Evans, who was still with Nathan Griffith at the time the After Show filmed.

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Jenelle seemed happy they were working things out, but her co-star friends weren't on board. "You deserve better and you shouldn't deserve that s––," Chelsea Houska said. "There's so much happiness outside of what you're in right now. "


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Amen to that.


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