Lego ‘Game of Thrones’ Model Puts the Red Keep in Motion (VIDEO)
Lego Game of Thrones Red Keep
Credit: BricksCreations on Facebook    

Game of Thrones

Lego ‘Game of Thrones’ Model Puts the Red Keep in Motion (VIDEO)


Any novice Lego builder can make a Game of Thrones model, but the Lego master who built the spinning model of the Red Keep? Now that’s a true Lord of the Seven Kingdoms!

For reference, here’s the inspiration for the Lego build: the model of King’s Landing from the Game of Thrones opening titles.

This credit sequence, designed by Elastic, looks like a three-dimensional map of the known world, with miniatures of each location appearing to rise from the map mechanically.

For the Lego model, builder Claus-Marc Hahn of BricksCreations used over 125,000 bricks to recreate the Red Keep in King’s Landing, the royal residence of the Queen of the Andals and the First Men.

The scope of the project is evident in its statistics: The model took 800 hours to build and weighs 143 pounds.

The real pièce de résistance is the model’s motorized movement, which makes the model spin and extrude just like the King’s Landing miniature does in the opening titles.

For that, Claus-Marc had the help of Lego builder Lok24, and they used 16 motors and 4 Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics kits to set the wheels in motion.

Speaking of building King’s Landing brick by brick, check out the Minecraft version below.

It’s the handiwork of the WesterosCraft project, which has recruited hundred of Minecrafters to build a Game of Thrones map covering about 1.3 billion square blocks.

Elsewhere on YouTube, one dude made a laser-cut cardboard version of the Red Keep for his bunny, the aptly-named Wallace the Mad King.

Apparently, Wallace watched the whole two-hour construction process, then moved in and ripped out the floor and the back window in the main room.

With such devotion to Game of Thrones architecture, It’s only a matter of time before someone builds a full-size Red Keep, we swear by the old gods and the new!