Bachelor’s Lesley Murphy Reveals Breast Implant Plans Post-Mastectomy
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Lesley Murphy

Bachelor’s Lesley Murphy Reveals Breast Implant Plans Post-Mastectomy


Now that it’s been a couple weeks since Lesley Murphy underwent a double mastectomy at the age of 29, she can start looking ahead to the future!

More specifically, when the Bachelor Season 17 alum can get her boobs back.

Prior to the surgery, Sean Lowe’s former contestant tested positive for the BRCA2 gene, which increases her chance of developing breast cancer.

Not only that, but her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2014, so she knew she had to take preventative measures.

“I don’t really want to be sitting on these potentially cancerous cells. Like, why hang on to something that is a ticking time bomb?” she tells People.

Because of that family history, the whole Murphy crew was “super supportive,” she details. Actually, her older sister plans to follow suit with the procedure after finishing having kids!

Another person who was a lifesaver during this difficult time was Lesley’s Bachelor bestie, Catherine Lowe, who she says has been “checking on me every other day.”

Catherine also sent her two pink pillows, which she’s been using to support her arms while propped in bed post-surgery. They also help “stabilize your body to not roll over in the middle of the night and cause any disruptions.”

Aside from the obvious discomfort, the visual of her breasts being gone is something the former reality star is still getting used to.

“It just looked bruised and beaten and traumatic and very eye-opening,” she admits.

She then adds, “I’m lucky because I only have one scar going from kind of the base of my breast to the nipple, so there’s no horizontal line going the whole length.

“But I mean, still, that scar is huge and everything is just so deflated,” she concludes.

They will be back eventually, but doctors tell her there’s a minimum of three months between the first and second surgeries.

“After the breast surgeon took breast tissue out, the plastic surgeon immediately came in and put expanders in,” the Road Les Traveled blogger starts.

She continues, “So every two to three weeks I’ll go in and get filled and it’ll get gradually bigger until I’m ready to undergo reconstructive surgery.”

At the moment, she estimates the implants will replace the expanders in late July to early August, so it’ll certainly be an adjustment for the summer season.

She is thinking about maybe going “a little bigger” than the size she was before, which could be an interesting change.

No matter what, it seems like her boyfriend, Julian — with whom she says things are “pretty new” — has proved to be a great guy throughout the process.

“He’s been incredibly supportive from the beginning,” she gushes.

“Just sharing posts and wearing pink. He’s been great.”

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