‘Bachelor’ Alum Lesley Murphy Shares Post-Op Pic After Double Mastectomy
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‘Bachelor’ Alum Lesley Murphy Shares Post-Op Pic After Double Mastectomy


You go, girl!

Not many women would be able to open up about their journey getting a double mastectomy at the age of 29, but Bachelor Season 17 alum Lesley Murphy is not just any woman!

Sean Lowe’s former contestant revealed last month that she’d tested positive for BRCA2, a gene that puts her at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

“My mom had breast cancer three years ago this month and she is a badass. And I hope to grow up to be like her,” she detailed at the time.

She then said, “I think the right move is just to take care of it right now and do the double mastectomy. I’m 29. It sounds young, but I’m not getting any younger.”

And so she did! On April 12, the The Road Les Traveled blogger had both of her breasts removed at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Hospital in Little Rock, sharing a post-op pic captioned with some moving words.

“My mom took this photo when I first arrived to my hospital room after surgery. It was hard to breathe,” she explains.

“My boobs are gone. Crazy, right? Gone. It's hard to wrap my head around.I finally caught a glimpse of my bare chest during a FaceTime call a couple of minutes ago. Whoa.”

She continues, “It looks like I was in a bear fight and lost. Badly. The human body is truly amazing, though, and I will heal soon enough.”

Talk about a great outlook! She’s been consistent with that positive energy for weeks now, including the night before the surgery.

“The sun has set, and my final night with all body parts is here and now,” she wrote alongside a pic of herself watching the sun go down.

“In less than 24 hours I will wake up different. What a strange feeling it is to miss your boobs, but I know this prophylactic double mastectomy is for the best.

The former reality star added, “I have lots of life to live and potential cancerous cells aren't welcome here.”

“Thanks to all my family, friends and followers for wearing pink today and loving me the way you do! Thanks especially for drawing attention to genetic testing and raising awareness that saves lives. Y'all are my heroes,” she concluded.

You’re our hero, Lesley!