9 WTF Moments From ‘L&HH’ Season 6 Premiere: “The Crown”
Remy Ma and Rah Ali in Love & Hip op Season 6 Premiere
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9 WTF Moments From ‘L&HH’ Season 6 Premiere: “The Crown”


The Big Apple beef kicks off in the Love & Hip Hop Season 6 premiere, Episode 1: “The Crown" as Remy Ma started the hard work of her comeback, Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris worried about their future, Peter Gunz helped Tara Wallace make a move while newcomers Young B, B.B.O.D. and MariahLynn entered a showcase showdown.

1. Remy Ma stages a major comeback. Rapper Remy Ma returns to the stage after serving six years, five months, and four days in prison and has a club performance. Friend Rashidah Ali is there to support and Rem and Rah try to catch up after the show. But as the ladies make plans to have a little girls night out, Rem’s hubby, rapper Papoose, is not here for it and shuts the fun down immediately.

2.  Yandy and Mendeecees talk about the future. Newlyweds Yan and Mens discuss moving into a larger living space with their growing family. Mendeecees tries to be realistic about his looming prison sentence, while Yandy remains positive and wants to move forward in their new life together.

Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace in Love & Hip Hop Season 6 Premiere
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3. Peter puts the moves on ex Tara. Peter and Tara end up between the sheets after Peter convinces her to move closer to where he lives so he can spend more time with their sons. The new apartment just happens to be in the same building where Peter and his side-chick wife, Amina Buddafly, also live. Really, Peter?

4. Yandy is back to work. Despite Mendeecees’ looming imprisonment, Yandy is back to managing artists. Her newest client, Bianca Bonnie aka Young B wants to return to the biz following a 9-year hiatus since her hit, “Chicken Noodle Soup”. Yandy sets Young B up to perform at DJ Self’s upcoming hip hop showcase, Gwinin Fest, and Young B promises to deliver.

Rashidah Talks With BBOD on LHH S6 E1
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5. Rah Ali gets in the game. Inspired by Remy’s return to music, Rah decides to head back into the music biz by managing rap duo B.B.O.D. aka Bad Bitches on Deck. Rah arranges to have her new artists perform at the same showcase as Young B and it’s revealed that Moe of B.B.O.D. has major beef with Young B. Moe vows to get revenge for a fight she had with Bianca in the past, though Rashidah hopes the ladies can keep it together.

6. DJ Self introduces Mariah Lynn. “The Prince of NY” DJ Self has been working on Gwinin Fest as well as helping propel “friend” Mariah Lynn’s career. Mariah Lynn is determined to make it in the hip hop game by any means necessary. Self schedules Mariah for the upcoming cypher.

Papoose Proposes to Remy Ma on LHH S6 E1
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7. Papoose pops the question to Remy. Pap tells Remy he’s ready to have children, but Rem is reluctant, saying she’d like to have the wedding of her dreams first since the two were forced to get married over the phone while she was behind bars. After a bit of a chat, Rem agrees to having children under the condition they get married the right way first.

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Later, Papoose takes Remy to a location, which he reveals is the wedding castle he’s secured for their nuptials. As Rem envisions her dream wedding, Papoose surprises her with another proposal. Aw!

8. Welcome to the showdown! The ladies perform at Self’s Gwinin Fest and shade is immediately thrown as BBOD references Young B in their rhymes. As the ladies rap, “Creep Squad” prez Rich Dollaz looks on and reveals he and Mariah Lynn have a bit of history.

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After the showcase, Moe moves to chat with Young B and the two come at one another. Moe spits at B and security guards separate them both as they sling insults.

Yandy Smith
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9. Mendeecees receives bad news. Mendeecees leaves his lawyer’s office with not-so-great news and prepares himself to tell Yandy he will be going away for at least five years. Meeting with Yandy, Mens breaks the hard news to her, adding that he also faces being taken into custody the day of his sentencing. Yandy is heartbroken as she learns that her new husband will not be around to see their children grow up.

Poor Yan!

A new episode of Love & Hip Hop airs on Monday, December 21st at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.