4 Biggest Reveals From Part 1 Of The ‘L&HHATL’ Season 5 Reunion (VIDEOS)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

4 Biggest Reveals From Part 1 Of The ‘L&HHATL’ Season 5 Reunion (VIDEOS)


Things got super heated in Part 1 of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 reunion special as Joseline Hernandez & Stevie J. chronicled the demise of their relationship, Bambi Benson and Betty Idol went head-to-head over Lil Scrappy, and Tommie Lee revealed a shocking truth.

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Check out these top four moments from L&HHATL: Exposed & Unfiltered!

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1. Bambi and Betty are still fighting — over Lil Scrappy?!

Bambi, Scrappy, Momma Dee and Betty sit together and discuss their storyline.

Things go awry when the “Money In The Bank” rapper is asked to discuss his relationship with Betty during his brief break from now fiancé, Bambi.

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The Bam is totally not here for her bae’s response when he refers to the “Thug Cry” singer as a “beautiful person” as she begins to viciously come for Betty.

The drama escalates and Betty is eventually removed from the sitdown.

Later, they discuss Scrappy’s short-lived fling with fellow cast member, Jessica Dime, whom the “Shimmer” rapper refers to as “strawberry thot cake.” Yikes!

We also learn the recently engaged couple plan to wed in July of next year.

2. Joseline & Stevie are not on speaking terms as Jos reveals a huge surprise. 

Stevie refuses to sit down with his estranged wifey, Joseline, saying she will never again have the "luxuriousness of being in the space with this greatness."

Jaded by the negativity the Puerto Rican princess has been spreading about him via social media, the Bad Boy Records producer says he's completely done with her.

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After learning her “husband” has refused to film with her, Joseline gets emotional and refers to Stevie as a “coward.”

The Grammy Award-winning songwriter then explains the reason they faked their marriage and reveals why things went sour between them.  

However, Joseline continues to maintain that the union was totally legal and says she took Stevie from "the gutter" where he was "living in Mimi's garage."

Later, the “Stingy With My Kutty Kat” rapper breaks down when asked if she still loves her hubby, saying that she doesn't know how she feels.

“For five years … he humiliated me, he disrespected me in front of everybody, he used me,” she says.  

Jos also reveals the relationship is definitely over because there's “nothing but hate on both sides.”

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Following the taping of her segment, Joseline drops a major bomb on the show’s producers when she calls to inform them that she just took a pregnancy test and its positive. They urge her to return to the reunion set to discuss the explosive details.

When she returns to set, she emotionally divulges that she and Stevie last had relations two and a half months ago. 

Production also asks the estranged couple to provide a copy of their marriage certificate — which never happens — so we may never really know the truth.

3. Tommie admits she tried to hit Joseline — with her car?!

Tommie, who at one time claimed to be banned from appearing at the reunion, has her sit down with Stevie, Karen “KK” King and Sas.

Tommie, eager to confront her newfound enemy Joseline, is shocked to learn the Latina entertainer has filed a restraining order against her.

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The order of protection forbids the two from being in the same room together. However, we learn that the order may be a very necessary evil when Tom admits to trying to run Jos over with her car.

As for Joseline’s part in the story, she gets super shady with reunion host Nina Parker when she asks why she took so long to file the protective order, given that the incident took place months ago.

Annoyed by the series of questions, the reality star begins to verbally attack the host, calling her “messy” and “unprofessional.”

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However, Nina handles the situation like a pro, apologizes and asks Jos if they can move on with the interview.

4. Karen “KK” is the ultimate master of disguise.

After a tense sit down with archenemy Joseline, where the two have to separated by security, we learn Karen showed up to Jos’s video release party disguised in a burka.

When the footage is shown, KK intently examines the film and coyly responds, “that might be me.”

During their intense reunion squabble, the baddest boosh calls Karen an “old bitch” and “thief,” saying she needs to go drink some milk “so she can get her bones strong.”

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… and the drama continues in Part 2! Stay tuned!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Season 5 Reunion Part 2 airs Monday, August 8 at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.