LHHNY’s Yandy Smith Hoping Husband Mendeecees Harris Will Get Early Release
Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris
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Yandy Smith

LHHNY’s Yandy Smith Hoping Husband Mendeecees Harris Will Get Early Release


Yandy Smith is doing the best she can.

The Love & Hip Hop: New York star’s husband, Mendeecees Harris, was sentenced to eight years in prison on drug charges back in 2015.

Though it’s obviously taken a serious toll on the reality star, she hopes her man will be released early.

The 35-year-old revealed she’s doing everything in her power to bring him home ASAP.

Mendeecees harris and Yandy Smith Learn His Prison Fate
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While at an event in New York City, Yandy said they’re confident he’ll get to come home before his term is complete.

“Why wouldn't he?" she told In Touch. "He has this to come home to! We're gonna try until he's home in the living room."

Love & Hip Hop’s Mendeecees Harris
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Though he’s behind bars, the mother of two and her man are still going strong.

In fact, he called her twice on Valentine’s Day, but Yandy believes it may be because he wanted to make sure she wasn’t with somebody else!

Mendeecees Harris and Yandy Smith
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“He called in the morning, then he called in the evening,” she shared.

“I'd like to think because he loves me so much, but part of me thinks he just wanted to make sure I was home with the kids.”

She continued, “And not doing anything but being home loving up on those babies!"

Though it’s difficult to keep their love life fresh, she does get to see the 39-year-old at least once a week.

"The good thing is, we get to see each other every week. I get to see him Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays,” she shared.

“So if I'm not booked on a Friday, I'm there every Friday, but then I'll go on a Saturday or Sunday if I'm booked.”

He’s also able to email her when he wants, so they’re always connected.

"And then he can email so he emails me like text messaging. So we can email like, 20 times a day if we want to,” she said.

Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris Argue Over Wedding Attire
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“So it really doesn't feel like he's not present, because I'm always talking to him at least five times a day and then I see him on the weekends."

She continued, "But the only thing I do miss is laying at night and help with the kids, but other than that he has a huge presence in our lives."

Do you think Mendeecees will get to come home early? Let us know below!