Lil\' Mo\'s Home Has Been Burglarized! (PHOTOS)
Lil’ Mo’s Home Has Been Burglarized! (PHOTOS)
Credit: Instagram    


Lil’ Mo’s Home Has Been Burglarized! (PHOTOS)


Sad news for R and B Divas L.A. star Lil’ Mo! It appears that the pint-size ‘90s singer’s home was broken into this past weekend and the culprits made out with quite a few things.

Lil’ Mo took to Instagram on March 10 to reveal the unfortunate news to her fans:

I've been ROBBED. Aw man. Came home from LA and somebody got me. Pray for me and my kids. Having security walk through now to see what else is missing,” she captioned a photo of space in the wall where her flat screen TV used to be.

Lil’ Mo’s Home Has Been Burglarized! (PHOTOS)
Credit: Instagram    

Things only got worse for Mo, when the Baltimore native realized that her home studio had been a victim of the attack as well.

“Cleared MY studio out too!!! Got damn....smh,” she captioned a photo of her emptied studio.

Sigh. We feel pretty awful for the “Superwoman” singer and hope that the culprits are brought to justice. Some of her fans are already jumping to conclusions that the theft may have been an inside job by a scorned ex, but no other information about the burglary has been released.

We’re just happy that Mo and her family are safe and sound!

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Source: Instagram