Lil Scrappy Clarifies Controversial Video on Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Shooting (VIDEO)
Lil Scrappy
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Lil Scrappy Clarifies Controversial Video on Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Shooting (VIDEO)


Since the controversial death of endangered gorilla Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo over the weekend, activists have been protesting for justice over the animal’s demise. But Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Lil Scrappy has his own take on the situation — and it’s got fans heated.

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In the days following the news, the “Money in the Bank” rapper hopped on Instagram to rant about the shooting, saying the zoo officials were justified in killing the western lowland creature after a 4-year-old child breached security and fell into the ape's enclosure.

No cap just real

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However, things took a turn when the VH1 star commented he felt race — particularly the race of the child — had something to do with people seeking justice for the endangered species.

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“The gorilla tossing a white kid around, y’all cool. That one y’all want to [kill], you know what I’m saying?

“But now it’s a black kid, y’all wanna protest and say the baby shouldn’t have been saved? That motherf—ker need to be dealt with and he was dealt in a good way,” he said.

The video sparked hundreds of responses from fans who weren’t pleased with the newly-engaged star’s point of view.

However, in a follow up post, he made sure to reiterate his thoughts on the matter and stand firm to his claims.

Listen b4 u try to straighten somebody

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“I said the baby was black and that’s why they’re protesting that they shouldn’t have killed the gorilla,” he said.

“And I said If it was a white baby, they’d be happy that they killed the gorilla and it wouldn’t be a protesting, just like they don’t nobody help us protest when they’re killing these black kids out here.”

As it stands, CNN reports the child’s family is currently under investigation to determine whether charges can be brought forward in Harambe’s death.