Tiffani Makes a Low Blow About The Baby Emily Lost on \'Little Women: Dallas\' Reunion (VIDEO)
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Little Women

Tiffani Makes a Low Blow About The Baby Emily Lost on ‘Little Women: Dallas’ Reunion (VIDEO)


Don't reality stars know that going after their co-stars' kids is never okay?!

That's just what will go down at the Little Women: Dallas Season 2 reunion show, when Tiffani Chance makes a seriously low comment about Emily Fernandez and her baby daddy, Lontel.

And what ensues in a kicking match (yes, we said kicking) that puts even the Real Housewives to shame.

Tiff and Emily have not gotten along at all this season, spending much of their screentime fighting over Emily's baby daddy, Lontel, and his numerous arrests.

And in true reunion show fashion, the girls' feud gets cattier and more physical when they're seated next to each other on that couch...

"Your boyfriend is degrading as f—k," Emily says to the blonde bombshell in TMZ's sneak peek.

But Tiff's response is seriously low.


"So what? Your baby daddy or Lontel or whatever you wanted to call him didn't even want a child with you, Emily!" she says in response.

From there, Emily takes a swing at her enemy and literally starts kicking her as security intervenes.

"What the f—k?" the others girls — including host Terra Jolé — can be heard saying as they watch on in horror.


We certainly don't condone physical violence, but we can imagine why Lontel and their child is such a sensitive topic for Emily.

The reality stars lost their son — Lontel Jahnar Johnson Jr., whom they called JJ — in August 2016 when he was only three months old due to a series of health complications.

So saying Lontel never wanted the baby? That is seriously harsh, Tiff.

TMZ reports the two women are no longer on speaking terms, which will make a potential third season of the show awkward AF. And we can't wait to tune in!

The Little Women: Dallas reunion special airs tonight, December 6 at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.