Jazmin & David Argue Over Vow Renewal in ‘Little Women: LA’ Couples Retreat Finale (VIDEO) — Exclusive
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Little Women

Jazmin & David Argue Over Vow Renewal in ‘Little Women: LA’ Couples Retreat Finale (VIDEO) — Exclusive


We thought by the Little Women: LA: Couples Retreat finale, the couples would have come to terms with their biggest issues.

But judging by an exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s (September 13) final episode, there’s still plenty more to tackle.

Last week, we worried about Tonya and Kerwin’s engagement, and now, it’s Jazmin and David’s vow renewal!

In the clip, we see a visibly frustrated David expressing how disappointed he is that his wife is trying to usurp all responsibility for planning the renewal — something that was “his idea.”

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“I wanted to set it up so you didn’t have to worry about it — you could still enjoy yourself here, and that we were going to take care of it and have it all nice,” he reasons.

Jazmin rationalizes, “Of course I wanted it all nice and pretty, but honestly speaking, babe, you know that you kind of procrastinate.

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“You push it back and you push it back until, when we need it, you’re unable to do it because you’ve pushed it back too long.”

While she allows that this is a mild annoyance for little chores, she’s not ready for this to happen with such a big moment.

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“I wouldn’t let that happen,” her husband fires back. “This is a little more important than just any regular chore that you usually give me.

That’s when the reality star brings up their honeymoon, which he was tasked with planning five years ago — a topic that David doesn’t appreciate reliving.

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“Look, I know I screwed up our honeymoon but that doesn’t mean I’m going to screw this up, too,” he insists.

She explains, “I just want this done right. If any of your ideas are like the doughnut cake, this ceremony probably won’t even happen.

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Jazmin also notes that Christy and Todd are also taking part in this vow renewal, so the pressure is even higher than usual.

Though she apologizes for seeming like she doesn’t trust her husband, she also doesn’t want to be blamed if anything goes wrong.

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“So you think that’s going to happen every single time I try to do something nice for you?” Dave asks.

He points out that it was his idea to do the renewal, and she’s just “shooting it down.”

What happens next? Click to watch the clip below, and tune in tonight for the finale!

Little Women: LA: Couples Retreat finale airs tonight, September 13 at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.