8 Biggest Moments From ‘L&HHATL’ Season 5, Episode 9: \
Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

8 Biggest Moments From ‘L&HHATL’ Season 5, Episode 9: “Free at Last” (VIDEOS)


Last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 saw a lot of stars being dumped and dropping bombs. Karlie Redd’s tryst with Scrapp DeLeon finally came to light, while Joseline Hernandez got her freedom from husband Stevie J. and ruined his relationship with Mimi Faust in the process.

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Here are the 8 biggest moments from Season 5, Episode 9, “Free at Last:”

1. Lil Scrappy ditches his date with Jessica Dime. Jessica shows up to her date with Lil Scrappy and is not impressed with their date being at a roller rink. She’s even less happy when she learns Scrappy sent Yung Joc in his place, due to Scrap’s unfinished business with Bam. Joc explains the situation to Dime, who is upset but appreciative of Joc’s effort to make light of it all.

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2. Tommie Lee flirts her way into Stevie J.’s management. Tommie Lee wants to revisit her rap career and decides to enlist Stevie as her manager. The model heads over to his potential new hookah lounge to talk business, but flirts heavily with the hit maker.

Stevie, though timid to work with the fiery model, acknowledges her flirtation and even realizes a working relationship with Tommie can be a bit of revenge towards wife Joseline. He tells her he’ll be willing to teach her a few things if she’s willing to learn.

3. Karlie Redd and Scrapp DeLeon have a romantic getaway. Karlie and Scrapp head back from their weekend getaway full of “back rubs” and stress relief at a hotel. Scrapp tells Karlie he appreciated the time away and Karlie says she likes him and plans to make her distant boyfriend, Lyfe Jennings, aware of her feelings. 

Upon hearing this, Scrapp breaks the news to Karlie that he may be heading to jail for 5 to 20 years. She cries at the thought of losing a guy she genuinely likes, but accepts his fate and says she’ll always remain a loyal friend to him. 

Karlie Redd and Scrapp DeLeon
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4. Joseline strikes gold. Dawn meets with Joseline and learns that Stevie has told the press in L.A. his wife bleached his clothes. Joseline tells her friend she doesn’t have time to destroy his items, but did find her contract with her husband and it’s been expired for about three years. 

Joseline tells Dawn she plans to take the contract to her lawyer to rid Stevie as her manager for good and even has another bombshell about the producer up her sleeve.

5. Is Momma Dee really bi-polar? Momma Dee’s husband, Ernest, meets with Shirleen to discuss the events of the Mothers’ brunch. Ernest tells Shirleen his wife is in fact bi-polar and drinks heavily. Ernest gives an account of Momma Dee’s past, and Shirleen suggests the pair go to counseling.

Later, Momma Dee and Earnest head to a counseling session with their pastor, wherein he says she emasculates him over his lack of finances as well as his shortcomings in the bedroom. The pastor determines the two need to make a better effort at listening to each other for the sake of their marriage.

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6. Tommie Lee learns of Karlie’s getaway. After borrowing Scrapp’s car, Tommie heads over to Scrapp’s loft to ask about a hotel receipt with Karlie’s name on it. At first, he pretends to be unaware of the receipt before lying about sleeping with Karlie. Enraged, Tommie threatens to sleep with his “Uncle” Stevie and all the men in his circle in retaliation.

The threat hits Scrapp hard, but he tells Tommie he’ll be the first person to provide names and phone numbers for her. Tommie physically attacks him several times despite security keeping them apart and finally, Scrapp kicks her out of his house. 

Tommie Lee Attacks Scrapp DeLeon
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7. Karlie and Tommie come to blows. Scrapp takes Karlie to dinner and questions whether she left her receipt in his care on purpose. Karlie says no and then tells Scrapp she doesn’t want to be a part of his love triangle. Scrapp assures Karlie that he’s completely done with Tommie and he wants to maintain their friendship. 

Later, Tommie shows up to a radio station where Karlie is taping her Playboy radio segment to question her about the hotel receipt. At first, Karlie refuses to address it, but after a bit of bickering back and forth, Karlie calls Tommie a “ho” that Scrapp “doesn’t claim.” Beyond upset, Tommie tells Karlie her plan to sleep with Stevie J., and when Karlie mocks her, she moves to physically attack her. 

Security steps in to separate the women.

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8. Mimi Faust learns something new. Joseline meets with Mimi to drop a bomb on her and get back at Stevie at the same time. As the pair sit down at a bar, Joseline immediately becomes distraught and blurts out that Stevie may have two babies, and may be paying child support for one of the two kids. 

Joseline tells Mimi that she’s done with Stevie and even asks Mimi to take him back. While Mimi says she’s got no interest in being with Stevie, she does want to get to the bottom of this new baby mama drama. 

A new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 airs on Monday, June 6 at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.