‘RHONY’ Star Luann D\'Agostino Gets Grilled on Her Marriage With Tom (VIDEO)

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‘RHONY’ Star Luann D’Agostino Gets Grilled on Her Marriage With Tom (VIDEO)


OK, so what’s really going on between Luann D’Agostino and Tom D’Agostino?

Well, Andy Cohen is determined to get to the bottom of their relationship one way or another, and he did just that on last night’s Watch What Happens Live episode.

Along with bringing up the split rumors from earlier this week, the Bravo star peppered the Real Housewives of New York vet with a series of relationship questions.

"Luann, elephant in the room. Massive story on Page Six this week," the 49-year-old said on Wednesday’s show.

"They say your marriage to Tom is hanging by a thread and that you slapped him in a restaurant."


The Countess rightfully defended her 7-month marriage and seriously downplayed her fight with the 50-year-old.

"Do they love Tom and I? Oh my god, that's so not right. I did not slap him. We have a very passionate love affair going,” the 52-year-old responded.

"We never go to bed angry but when we do, when we wake up, we make up. That's the best part."

However, Andy wasn’t done with his questions and asked the reality star again if she hit her husband.

“Lu, did you slap him in a restaurant?” he asked again.

"No, of course not. It's gossip, come on. I take his face in a very loving way, and people took it as a slap,” she continued. 

Luann addressed the rumors surrounding her marriage earlier this week and promised she’s happy and in love.

"What couple doesn't have lovers' quarrels? Tom and I are very passionate and very much in love with each other and things happen," she told to E! News.  

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"Unfortunately, we are very much public people and so everybody likes to talk about it. From the Housewives to the restaurant, it's very hard to keep privacy."

She continued, "Tom and I are good. We love each other and you work through things.

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"That's what couples do — so everything is fine and we are happy."

Do you think Luann and Tom will make it? Sound off below!

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