Wendy Williams Is Mad as Hell That Patti Labelle Outed Luther Vandross
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Wendy Williams Is Mad as Hell That Patti Labelle Outed Luther Vandross


UPDATE (12/08/17 1.13 P.M. ET)

Does a day week ever go by without Wendy Williams hating on someone?

This week, she's turned her wrath toward Patti Labelle, who recently revealed the late Luther Vandross was gay.

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On her show on Thursday, December 7th, the host said Patti was 100% wrong for outing the late singer after his death. 

She said, "Patti should have said ‘no comment’. If he had asked me something like that, then – it’s okay for me to talk about it.

"I didn’t know Luther Vandross. 

"He wasn’t my friend. But, it’s not okay to talk about it when it’s your best friend. You know? It’s like a violation."

We think Wendy needs to stay in her lane, but that's just us!

Read on for the full story...

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ORIGINAL (12/07/17 11.13 A.M. ET)

As Tupac Shakur's newly-uncovered dick pics prove, sometimes major revelations about a celebrity come out after they're already dead.

Now, Patti Labelle is spilling the tea on her late best friend Luther Vandross, explaining why the soul singer never publicly came out as gay before his death.

The "Dance With My Father" crooner tragically passed away in 2005 at the age of 54 from a heart attack.

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And though the famous singer confided in his close pal Patti about his sexuality before his untimely passing, he never publicly came out like many artists and public figures do.

But why?

On the December 5 episode of Watch What Happens Live, the icon revealed to Andy Cohen just why Luther never came out.

"Basically, he did not want his mother to be — although she might have known, but he wasn’t going to come out and say this to the world," she said.

"He had a lot of lady fans and he told me he just didn’t want to upset the world. It was hard for him."

The 73-year-old also told Andy (and fellow guest Sam Smith) how she met Luther in the first place — and revealed he first started out as her fan club president!

The Legendary Ms. #PattiLabelle on why #LutherVandross never came out publicly and how she met him. #WWHL #SamSmith #AndyCohen

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"He came back — we stayed at the Apollo Theater — with clothes, pretending he was a designer," she said.

"He came in with these dresses, beautiful… we were poor. He hooked us up with these gowns, I don’t know where he got them. He became my first fan club president and then became my best, best friend."

Luther and the Dancing With The Stars alum had a very strong friendship but worked together professionally as well.

We'll never forget their life-changing duet at the 2000 Divas & Kings and Beyond concert.

We've got chills, ya'll.

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