Mariah Carey Pulls Blac Chyna Onstage For a Lap Dance (VIDEO)
Blac Chyna attends Mariah Carey concert in Las Vegas
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Blac Chyna

Mariah Carey Pulls Blac Chyna Onstage For a Lap Dance (VIDEO)


Mariah Carey still doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez, so it’s hard to believe the pregnant fiancée of a sometimes reality star is on her radar — but Mimi and Blac Chyna somehow seem to be the best of pals.

The Elusive Chanteuse pulled Rob Kardashian’s No. 1 girl onto the stage of her Las Vegas concert last night, June 25, for a lap dance and feather tickling session.

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Mariah was in the middle of her rendition of “Touch My Body” when Blac Chyna appeared, rocking a bright pink wig.

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The diva, 46, gave the mom to be kisses on both of her cheeks and then escorted the 28-year-old to the luxe bed on stage, asking, “Would you like a seat?”

Once Chyna was comfortable, she had a blindfold wrapped around her eyes, which doesn’t seem very nice, since a hot male dancer promptly came out and body rolled in front of the ex-stripper while ripping his shirt off.

The hip-hop socialite clearly didn’t see the short sexy show, but was clapping all the same.

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Since Rob Kardashian's lady missed out on all the eye candy, the “Fantasy” performer tried to make it up to her friend by repeatedly rubbing a hot pink feather on her legs and arms.

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Then, as if it were all a dream, Chyna was walked off the stage to the sounds of Mariah belting out the lyrics, “Touch my body, put me on the floor!”

It’s a night that will truly live on in infamy, folks.