Mariah Carey’s Credit Cards Declined at Louis Vuitton — Report
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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s Credit Cards Declined at Louis Vuitton — Report


This is embarrassing, dah-ling!

Mariah Carey reportedly saw her credit cards declined during a recent shopping spree.

If that’s true, the financial fail would be just the latest humiliation for this pop diva…

It seems Mariah isn’t living high on the hog anymore, and her most recent marriage debacle didn’t help.

She had been engaged to billionaire James Packer, but they called off their wedding last fall.

And now the 47-year-old’s bank account is wasting away, apparently.

“She was shopping on Rodeo Drive and her credit cards were declined,” a source tells

“When it happened at Louis Vuitton, she thought it was a fluke. But when it happened three more times, she was embarrassed and humiliated.”

She left the store, the source says, only to come back with reinforcements.

“She returned with an assistant and her manager Stella [Bulochnikov], who made a total scene,” the eyewitness said.

Mariah and her entourage ended up paying with cash, and she left the store the rightful owner of the high-end items.

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That manager, Stella Bluochnikov, once benefitted from Mariah’s millions.

The singer gifted her with a $34,000 Louis Vuitton trunk, for example.

But now it seems Mariah and Stella have bad blood…

“Mariah is blaming her manager for the cancellations, postponement, and low ticket sales of her tour with Lionel Richie,” Radar’s source claims.

“She’s also had bad press and business deals. Stella keeps saying everything is going to be all right, but it’s not.”

This credit card drama comes on the heels of Mariah’s failed engagement to James, of course, but also a series of professional setbacks.

The Elusive Chanteuse had to cancel tour dates in South America late last year, citing promoter negligence, and then she stumbled through a disastrous performance on New Year’s Eve.

There was a time when Mariah was on the top of her game, with diamond-rated albums selling millions of copies worldwide.

Her last studio album, however, only sold 122k copies when it came out… three years ago.

Perhaps it’s time she sat down for a long conversation with her accountant!