Love & Hip Hop’s Masika Kalysha and Nia Riley Exchange Fat Shaming Twitter Insults
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Masika Kalysha

Love & Hip Hop’s Masika Kalysha and Nia Riley Exchange Fat Shaming Twitter Insults


The friendship is seemingly over between Masika Kalysha and Nia Riley.

The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood stars were once friends, but it looks like the claws are coming out this season!

In fact, the reality stars stirred up a lot of drama on Twitter earlier this week.

The drama began after Nia told a fan on Twitter that she wanted to slap Masika.

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“I need receipts on all this s—t I talked? They both getting slapped in real life, f—k a reunion,” Nia tweeted on Monday, October 16.

People — violence is never the answer!

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Masika then tweeted she didn’t see the tweet from Nia because she blocked her!

“Didn’t c this b/c I’m actually #BookedandBusy don’t have time 2 find tweets frm [sic] extras but the only receipt needed is 4 all the food u ate,” she responded.

OK, so now we’re fat shaming?!

Masika kept going and shared, “Bitches be so bothered. How you up late eatin tubs of ice cream 4 weeks stressed pressed & depressed thinking bout me & I forgot u exist [sic]?”

Of course Nia hit back, claiming Masika is much bigger than her even after her supposed liposuction surgery.

“I'm big but you're bigger than me AFTER lipo. I mean hernia repair,” Nia dished.

“AND I don't even like ice cream.”

Who doesn’t like ice cream?!

“All this b—ch does is look forward to being posted on a blog as her life f—king goals,” Nia continued.

Is it possible this is all just to stir up drama for the show?!

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