Big Ang Looks Happy & Healthy in Final Appearance at ‘Mob Wives’ Reunion
Big Ang at the Mob Wives Season 6 Reunion
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Big Ang

Big Ang Looks Happy & Healthy in Final Appearance at ‘Mob Wives’ Reunion


We thought we couldn’t get any more emotional than during last week’s VH1 tribute to Big Ang — until last night’s Mob Wives reunion.

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The sixth season’s “Final Sitdown” was the fan favorite’s final TV appearance, filmed just two weeks before she passed away from lung and brain cancer. And despite her state of health, Ang was looking amazing!

Strolling into the warehouse, rocking her blonde pixie and decked out in a black dress and fur stole, the 55-year-old was beaming while greeting friends, Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano.

“You look magnificent!” Renee gushes, which Karen quickly seconded.

The three then segued into talking Mob Wives history, reminiscing about Ang’s casting for Season 2 back in 2011 — something she finds hilarious because she was so shy.

“I can't do that, I can't talk in front of people — I'm nervous!” the Drunken Monkey owner remembers thinking.

It then becomes clear how proud the late reality star was of her show, when she talks about how other people in Staten Island told her if she did the show she’d “look like a fool” and they would stop talking to her.

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“I'm like, ‘'Well I'm doing it, I don't care what you say, mind your business,’” she quips, spurring laughter from her co-stars.

And thank god she did! As Karen points out, the larger-than-life gal “changed the whole dynamic” with her hilarious one-liners and role as the “peacemaker.”

Later on in the special, Carla Facciolo joins the ladies, and they discuss how Ang’s cancer diagnosis and ensuing battle put the petty drama in perspective.

“It's kinda embarrassing that we're sitting here arguing over stupid things — fake and phony — and battling over things when you're battling for your life,” Karen says.

Ang agrees, saying “I hate it.”

She adds, “'What were we even arguing over?”

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Unfortunately, Ang had to cut her visit short, feeling a bit weak, but she ended her appearance on a positive (if not heartbreaking in retrospect) note with the gals.

“You know I'm going to send you prayer right now, I'm going to find you a new one in the book,” Renee professes, to which she responds she will continue to fight.

And then in true Ang form: “Don't forget, we've still got to go out, when I feel good.”