Don’t Worry, the ‘Modern Family’ Kids Will Never Hook Up
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Modern Family

Don’t Worry, the ‘Modern Family’ Kids Will Never Hook Up


When it comes to teens, you can never trust them not to get inappropriate crushes — because hormones and stuff.

Thankfully, it seems we’re #blessed enough to not have to see a pair of Modern Family kids making out at some Emmys after-party.

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Ariel Winter has obviously grown into one gorgeous girl over her eight seasons as Alex Dunphy. But the 18-year-old’s TV little brother Nolan Gould has confirmed he still isn’t interested in potentially dating his on-screen sister.

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"No, I love her but she's a really good friend,” the 17-year-old replied on the Allegedly podcast when asked if he could see himself dating his co-star. “We grew up together.”

As cliche as it is, the Dunphy kids’ off-screen friendship means too much to both of them.

"It's an interesting world for young kids,” Luke’s alter-ego explained, “to have another person go through the exact same thing as you and be able to talk about that. I would never wanna waste that."

The Friends With Benefits actor can’t even see his beautiful older co-stars — from his other on-screen sister, Sarah Hyland to Sofia Vergara — as sexy.

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"No, it's probably the exact opposite because they are so close to me," Nolan said, spilling that TV mom Julie Bowen’s raunchy Happy Gilmore moment is too much for him to handle.  

And let’s hope it stays that way!