Briana Dejesus\'s Mom Roxanne Goes in For Surgery
Briana Dejesus’s Mom Roxanne Goes in For Surgery
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Briana Dejesus

Briana Dejesus’s Mom Roxanne Goes in For Surgery


Time to form a prayer circle, y'all, because it looks like our favorite Teen Mom matriarch is having some health problems. No, we're not talking about Jenelle Evans's mom, Barbara Evans — we're talking about Briana Dejesus's feisty mama, Roxanne! You know, the lady who tried to throw her shoe on the Teen Mom 3 reunion show? Her.

Roxy was one of the best parts of Teen Mom 3's first and final season — she's a great source of inspiration for Briana, an amazing grandma, and a huge support to her kids. So you can imagine how upset fans are to know she had to have surgery! Luckily, it looks like Roxy's procedure went as well as can be expected.

"Glad my mother woke up from under the knife a-ok," Briana tweeted on December 9. "Keep her in ur prayers guys."

So, what's wrong with our girl (er, lady) Roxy? Apparently she had to have a biopsy!

"I'm having a biopsy done on Monday morning," Roxy tweeted on December 6. "I'm praying that I get better results This time. Trying not to worry but I am. Deathly afraid."

This is alarming news to say the least, so please join us in keeping our fingers crossed that Roxy gets good results. We can't imagine how scary this must be for her entire family!