‘L&HHATL’ Star Momma Dee Says She “Struggles” With Bipolar Disorder
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Momma Dee
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

‘L&HHATL’ Star Momma Dee Says She “Struggles” With Bipolar Disorder


Tommie Lee may have been front and center on last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 (Episode 9: “Free at Last”), but fans got to learn a little more about veteran star Momma Dee, too.

Following the events of the dramatic Mothers’ brunch, Momma Dee’s husband, Ernest Bryant, took a moment to chat with Rasheeda Frost’s mom, Shirleen Harvell, in order to clear the air between the two feuding women.

Ernest explained that his comment about the former madame being “bipolar” wasn’t just chatter, but she infact suffers from bipolar disorder and has to take medication for it.

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On Twitter, the newly-wedded star admitted to her struggle with bipolarism, but made sure to point out her husband wasn’t perfect, either.

During her TMI rant, the mother of two said her jailbird beau was a chain smoker who didn’t take his health seriously, and she continued to bring up his lack of help with finances… and in setting the mood in the bedroom.

On the episode, the pair eventually sought out counseling with a pastor, who encouraged them both to listen to each other.

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Hopefully, Dee will take her husband’s concerns about her drinking and her mental health to heart.

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