Moniece Slaughter Scammed Old Friends — Report
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Moniece Slaughter

Moniece Slaughter Scammed Old Friends — Report


Moniece Slaughter has had her fair share of drama over the years, and now she is being accused of being involved in a fake check scam.

TMZ reports that a man named Timothy Clayton Roulhac-Carr says he and Moniece were best friends once upon a time.


He claims to have saved her from homelessness by opening and funding a bank account for her when she had no credit.

Timothy says Moniece's then-boyfriend, former NBA athlete Joe Smith, also had access to the checking account.


The basketball player would allegedly write checks in Timothy's name for Moniece's rent and expenses.


This is where the story goes left.

Moniece then reportedly started dating rapper Akon, at the same time as dating Joe.


Naturally, Joe was upset at the infidelity and decided to take his revenge by canceling a check he wrote for her from Timothy's account.


Instead of sharing why he was upset with Moniece, he then allegedly blamed Timothy for robbing him.

After that supposed incident, Timothy says he was randomly robbed at gunpoint last December.


He believes the Love and Hip Hop star "set him up out of spite," and accuses her of using her fame to slander him with homophobic comments.


Because of this, Timothy filed legal docs in court on Thursday for a restraining order against his supposed former bestie.


The judge, however, denied the restraining order because, like all of us, s/he couldn't understand Timothy’s tall tale.

We have questions, though.


If Moniece was dating Joe Smith, why would he need to use Timothy's bank account to give her money?

And if she was dating Akon, why would she EVER need Timothy's money?


And if Timothy stayed true to the facts, he would, in reality, be taking Joe to court and not Moniece, since he apparently started this domino effect of problems.


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