7 Reasons Someone Needs to Save ‘Nashville’
Credit: Mark Levine/ABC    


7 Reasons Someone Needs to Save ‘Nashville’


The Nashville series finale ended on one heck of a heartbreaking cliffhanger, but the good news is it might not be over yet.

New reports say the bigwigs over at Lionsgate are confident the show will find a home elsewhere now that ABC has cancelled it. In fact, that's why the finale ended with Juliette's plane going missing.

Credit: Mark Levine/ABC    

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As TVLine reports, there was actually an alternate ending where Juliette landed safely and reunited with Avery, but they decided to go with the cliffhanger because they were so confident the show will be saved.

While Lionsgate didn't officially comment about their current negotiations, this tweet seems to confirm that they really do think there will be more Nashville in the future:

We certainly hope this isn't the end of the story for our fave country singers, because there's a lot left unresolved after this last minute cancellation.

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Here are seven questions we still have that prove exactly why we need at least a final wrap-up season for our beloved characters:

What Happened to Juliette?!

To get the obvious out of the way: We need to know Juliette is OK! You can't just end with one of your main characters maybe dying in a plane crash.

Can Juliette and Avery Work It Out?

Assuming this diva does survive, we would also like to actually see how she mends her relationship with her ex-husband.

Yes, the finale implied they were ready to be back together, but they both went through a world of hurt over the last few seasons. We believe in their love, but it would be nice to see them actually work through some of their issues and get to a stronger place in their marriage.

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What Happens With Maddie's Career Now?

After a season of being a whiney brat who nonsensically emancipated herself from her parents, Maddie finally realized she wasn't quite as grown up as she thought and ran back to them in the finale.

That's all well and good, but it still tells us nothing about how the teen is going to proceed with her career. Will she stick with her new label? Come back under her mom's wing? Has she learned her lesson about fame or does she still want a solo career?

Will Layla Get Her Comeuppance — Or At Least Learn Her Lesson?

We've gone back and forth on this character, but in the last few weeks she went off the deep end, basically stalking herself into a relationship with Avery and almost ruining Juliette's life.

The finale left her with no friends, but possibly a successful album, which isn't exactly satisfying. We want to see her really go down — or really, finally, change. Either way, it doesn't feel like her arc is done.

Will Highway 65 Fly?

This show has been about Rayna's attempt to start her own record label since Season 1, but there's no real resolution about exactly how successful that label is. We'd love to see her go out on top, with a stable group of truly successful artists and an indication that what she's built will last.

What Happens Now that Scarlett and Gunner Are Together?

The constant off and on with these two is exhausting, but now that they're back on, we'd like to see them put the focus back on the music. Let's get some happy love duets!

Where Are the Iconic Songs?

The music in the finale was... fine. If it was a normal episode, we'd be content. But for a show that's been all about the tunes, we wanted at least one last truly great song, and if feels like we didn't get that. Solution? More episodes and a new finale to nail it.

Make it happen, world!