Nashville Spoiler Photos For Episode 17 — What\'s The Emergency?!


Nashville Spoiler Photos For Episode 17 — What’s The Emergency?!


Nasvhille ;Season 1, Episode 17 "My Heart Would Know" is going to be a total heart-burning hour of pain, from what these pictures show. According to the synopsis, ;

"A personal crisis in Nashville causes ;Rayna ;(Connie Britton) ;to leave the tour in New York City before her sold-out concert with ;Juliette ;(Hayden Panettiere), but for Juliette, the show must go on. ;Jolene ;(Sylvia Jefferies) ;stakes a claim on her sober counselor ;Dante ;(Jay Hernandez) as Juliette gets closer to him personally and professionally, and ;Deacon ;(Charles Esten)doesn't like the woman Juliette has become and tells her point-blank. ;Gunnar ;(Sam Palladio)declares the next 24 hours a "Scarlett O'Connor party" to celebrate her success, and she brings ;Will ;(Chris Carmack) along to join the fun. Meanwhile ;Avery ;(Jonathan Jackson) ;becomes a roadie for Juliette, and secrets involving the men in Rayna's life see the light of day."

So, what's the crisis? From the looks of these pictures, someone is in the hospital and we're not sure who it is. Clearly, it's someone who is important enough to Rayna that she would leave such an important concert. Her father? Daughter? Does she still care enough about Teddy that she would go if it were him? And what was the final straw that caused Deacon to have a talking to with Juliette?

Flip through these pics to answer some of those questions and stir up a thousand more...