NeNe\'s Favorite Things: Sweet Wine, Peanuts, and Cheese

Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe’s Favorite Things: Sweet Wine, Peanuts, and Cheese


NeNe Leakes is probably the loudest of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, so she had no trouble dishing on her favorite foods, favorite drinks, and how she spent the holidays.

Favorite wine? Definitely sweet. Riesling and rosé are NeNe's go-tos. No chardonnay, zin, or pinot for this housewife. Sorry, Ramona. But, NeNe admits, the housewives aren't drinking as much as they appear to be on the show. "You know we aren’t always drinking. We just be holding the glass sometimes!" she jokes.

Fave snack crave? Salt. "I’m not a chocolate or cake person, but I am definitely a potato chip and peanuts girl," NeNe admits.

Party food must-have? "I’m simple — so if I were coming to your house I would go straight for the cheese and crackers. I am a big cheese connoisseur. I’m a damn rat!" We hear Camembert pairs nicely with Riesling, NeNe.

But what about NeNe's favorite food in the bedroom? She begrudgingly dishes, "My freak number is low, child. Some fruit. Or whipped cream. That’s all I know!" Fair enough. We'll leave the chocolate body paint to Kandi.

So how did the Real Housewife spend T-Gives? Well, she made the collard greens from scratch but left the turkey and ham up to the professionals. "Everyone wants certain items made from scratch like collard greens," NeNe says. "But there are other items that you really can purchase in advance for the holidays. I know how to cook, but I’m not a big cooker — I love the holidays since they are about friends and family." She spent the evening putting up Christmas decorations with her girlfriends, a glass of white closeby at all times, no doubt.

Source: Eatocracy