Why Did ‘GMA’ Cancel Their Next \'Bachelor\' 2018 Announcement?
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Why Did ‘GMA’ Cancel Their Next ‘Bachelor’ 2018 Announcement?


If you turned on Good Morning America this morning expecting an announcement about the next Bachelor 2018, you were sorely disappointed.

All week, showrunner Mike Fleiss has been teasing that the big reveal for the Season 22 star was imminent.

So when the ABC morning show tweeted about it Thursday night, fans went crazy. That is, until it never happened…

On Wednesday, Mike hinted a decision had been made in a telling tweet, writing, “Stand by for shocking news regarding #thebachelor …”

That spurred spoiler king Reality Steve to share his own intel on who the guy would be.

“I feel confident in reporting that sources are telling me Peter is the next Bachelor & it will be announced soon,” the blogger tweeted.

He was, of course, referring to long-held frontrunner for the gig, Bachelorette 2017 runner-up Peter Kraus.

In recent weeks, fans have been given the go-around about the Wisconsin hunk, first being told he was “never gonna happen” (and that he turned the gig down), and then that he was still in the running.

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So it was only a matter of time before his name was released, fans assumed.

Then, Thursday afternoon Mike Fleiss shared that he was hoping to make a “shocking announcement today,” and that he was just waiting on “final approval.”

When a follower pointed out that as executive producer, he’s the one with final approval, he joked about it.

No announcement came on Thursday, but we did get a reveal from Good Morning America.

“TOMORROW: We reveal the next Bachelor LIVE, only on @GMA!” the talkshow posted around 10:30 p.m. ET.

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Mike Fleiss even retweeted the post.

Then, moments later, the tweet was suddenly gone — presumably taken down by the social team.

So why did they pull the tweet? There are a few running theories.

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First off, as mentioned above, there’s not much mystery around who will get the gig, with Peter already being spoiled by RS.

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This could be a way to get tongues wagging ahead of a lackluster reveal.

Producers could also be playing with fans — something they’re known to do — to make it seem like the male model turned down the offer.

Then again, it could have just been a simple error by the Twitter manager, who was supposed to post the tweet next week instead.

Interestingly, Mike Fleiss then tweeted this morning, “In a bizarre cost-cutting move, the Patriots might release Tom Brady... Wonder if anyone will sign him. Hmmm.”

Considering there’s no truth to that NFL “report” — the Patriots have never been rumored to be releasing Tom Brady — this could be an allusion to Peter being “released” by the producers for Bachelor.

He also responded to a fan asking why the announcement never came, tweeting, “Wasn't me…”

Seriously, WTF is going on?!

We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s safe to say, the general Twitter reaction is one of anger and suspicion. Get your acts together, ABC!