Nick Carter Accused of Having Sex With Underage Girl — Report
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Nick Carter

Nick Carter Accused of Having Sex With Underage Girl — Report


Nick Carter has reportedly been accused of having sex with a minor back in 2003.

The Backstreet Boys singer was accused of raping singer Melissa Schuman just a few months ago and supposedly assaulting a 20-year-old fan.

In this new accusation, an underage woman came forward over 10 years ago and claimed the singer had sex with her when he was 23.

According to Radar Online, he was accused of “sexual offense lewd or lascivious battery by engaging in sexual activity with a person 12 to 16 years old.”

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The victim, who is referred to as A.J. in the police report, contacted the Southern Regional Police Department in Pennsylvania, where the incident reportedly took place.  

“A.J. advised that she felt that suspect Nick Carter should have to go to jail for this offense,” the report said.

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“A.J. advised that there were two occasions that she was invited down to Marathon to stay on the Carter property.”

She allegedly visited the family in August 2003 and October 2003. She also told the family she was 18 years old at the time.

“A.J. stated that she had sexual intercourse with Nick Carter on three occasions,” the report claimed.

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“The first time was in the water, the second time on the bus, and the third time on Nick’s boat. She advised that she never told him ‘no’ or acted as though she didn’t want to have sex.”

The report continued, “A.J. also stated that they never used any type of protection and that she is not taking birth control pills.”

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The couple also engaged in oral sex, but she reportedly “didn’t want to perform oral sex on Nick.”

“He kept asking over and over until she did it,” the statement said.

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“She stated that there was no force used. The third and final time, A.J. states that she was very intoxicated, she had slurred speech and wasn’t able to walk really well.”

She also claimed she had consensual sex with his brother Aaron Carter.

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The Assistant State Attorney decided not to press charges because she claimed she was of age at the time of the incident.

“He explained that due to the delay in the victim reporting the incident, the victim portraying that she was 18 and members of the Carter family believing that she was eighteen years of age,” the report said.  

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“A.J. was able to travel far from home with no supervision, with her own money and stay for weeks at a time… for those reasons alone … any reasonable person would believe that she were at least that age.”