Nick Viall Dishes on His Dating Life and New Modeling Career — Exclusive
Nick Viall and Kelly Thomas
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Nick Viall

Nick Viall Dishes on His Dating Life and New Modeling Career — Exclusive


Just hours after Nick Viall and Andi Dorfman’s alleged NYFW run-in, the Bachelorette Season 10 and 11 runner-up showed up at a party with a gorgeous model on his arm, and of course everyone was wondering about this new lady in his life.


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The lady in question is a fellow model — more on that in a minute — Kelly Thomas, who joined Nick on the red carpet at OK! Magazine’s New York Fashion Week Party on September 15. Sources say the reality star insisted on taking photos alongside Kelly and the two were “very cuddly,” but then he insisted to Entertainment Tonight she’s “definitely a friend.” So what gives?


Lucky for you, Wetpaint spoke with Nick this week after he attended The Bachelorette Show at 42West, and we got him to clear up what’s really going on in his dating life.


“I’m dating... but no one specific or anything like that,” the 34-year-old reveals. “I’m not actively on any type of online dating site. I’m not having people hook me up with people. I like to let things happen organically.”


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He adds, “I’m out dating and enjoying it. It’s fun. When things happen, they happen.”


As for if things could happen with someone from Bachelor Nation, Nick says he’s open to it.


“I don’t expect to date someone in the Bachelor family, but who the heck knows. If I have an interest in someone, I’ll pursue that. I don’t care whether it’s someone in the public eye or a grade school teacher or a nurse.”


While that girl may not be the aforementioned blonde model, the Chicagoan says he’s looking for a confident girl with a strong personality — shocker! — who “owns the room and stands out.”


“It’s hard to find women who really know that they have value and deserve the respect of people,” Nick elaborates. “I find that incredibly attractive.”


Until he finds that lucky gal, the tech sales rep has plenty to keep him busy, namely a new gig as a model! The 6-foot-2 hunk was approached by a Wilhemina agent on the streets of Chicago while grabbing a cup of coffee. And get this, she didn’t even know he was on TV!

“I’ve always been interested in fashion, so it’s something I’m exploring a bit and seeing where it goes,” Nick explains. “I’m not sure if I’m going to do this long term or anything, but it’s certainly another platform I enjoy. Coming out to NYFW has gotten me more into that space a bit.”


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He hasn’t done any campaigns yet and is just getting into doing some “commercial stuff.” And while the new career path has Nick exploring the possibility of a move to New York or L.A., don’t think that means he’s giving up his day job in sales.


“It’s something I see myself doing long-term, I’m just exploring other projects right now while I have this time,” he states.