The Woman Behind K. Michelle\'s & Nicki Minaj’s Butt Injections Speaks Out
Nicki Minaj
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The Woman Behind K. Michelle’s & Nicki Minaj’s Butt Injections Speaks Out


The woman behind some of the biggest behinds in the biz is speaking out about her previous business of illegally injecting stars' backsides with good ole silicone.

Kimberly Smedley claims to be the woman behind the “assets” of K. Michelle, Nicki Minaj, Tiny Harris and more.


The former black market “it girl” ran into some trouble with the law and has since moved away from the career that once earned her millions.

During a sit-down with TheJasmineBrand, Kimberly opened up on her past, which includes a celebrity clientele that has remained under wraps until now.


When asked if she was looking for fame from her celebrity affiliations, the author says she actually wanted to remain under the radar.

“I wasn’t looking for fame. For anyone that’s doing something illegal, you don’t try to be in the forefront. So you normally try to stay low-key and behind the scenes.”


Kim Smedley
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It wasn’t until one client had a medical emergency that people really discovered who she was and what exactly she did.

“I think the national attention came when the young lady did go to the hospital, but before that, it was always an underground, black-market type thing with word-of-mouth referrals. The fact that I did a few celebrities — that did not hurt.”


K. Michelle is one client Kimberley has openly admitted to working on in the past, saying at one point she had to cut the singer off after she felt her butt had enough.

“There was a time when I told her she had enough, but she ended up going to someone else and let them do more injections on her.


“I was always the type to cut women off. At some point, it’s not about the money anymore. It’s really about what’s going to look nice on you and what’s not going to make it look like you had some work done.”


Kimberly is tight-lipped when it comes to name-dropping more celebrities, but she does mention “Anaconda” rapper Nicki Minaj and reality star Tiny Harris.


“I’m not that Superhead chick. Those celebrities that came to me, when they came to me they were just clients paying for a service to get something that they wanted."


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“Everyone knows Nicki Minaj had silicone injections. Everyone knows Tiny [Harris] had silicone injections. That’s just to name a few. So yeah, I can name them, but name them and then what?”

Who else do you think has had work done and won’t admit it? Sound off below!

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