9 Times North West Was the Cutest Diva Ever (PHOTOS)
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North West

9 Times North West Was the Cutest Diva Ever (PHOTOS)


When you've got parents like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, it's a foregone conclusion you're going to grow up with some diva behaviors.

But at just a month shy of 4 years old, North West is taking diva to an art form and making us giggle with delight at her cute AF attitude.

Most recently, the HBIC-in-training was caught shouting down paparazzi, with her very strict "No pictures!" policy.

It's not the first time the A-list tyke has tried to shut down the paps, either...

Back in October of 2015, the tiny ballerina arrived for dance class to a barrage of shutterbugs, whom she also informed of her no-pictures stance.

Nobody is safe from Nori's policy on unauthorized photography... even her own mom!

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That's not the only way Nori is showing her A-list mom who's really boss.

Earlier this week when Kim tried to put her eldest on a "time out," the pint-size hustler turned her stretch in the naughty corner into a spa day.

She even out-divas a diva like Ariana Grande. Look at her with 100 percent chill in this photo op backstage.

And then there was that time she completely won all the "who wore it best?" polls against her glam mommy.

She's already perfected her #yachtlife pose.

But what else do you expect from the kid who perfected side eye before she was even out of diapers!

And North has always been a boss. Just try to tell her what to wear.

The struggle is real! We cannot go out of the house like this!!! LOL

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We compromised

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Forget about Kylie coming for your crown, Kim — the next queen of social media is living under your own roof!