7 Times Parks and Recreation’s Andy Dwyer Was a Secret Genius
Andy Dwyer
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7 Times Parks and Recreation’s Andy Dwyer Was a Secret Genius


Most people fell in love with Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation for his lovable, golden retriever-esque charm — not necessarily his brain.

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However, appearances can be misleading, and we’re under the impression there’s more under the hood of that former shoeshine than you realize. After all, the musical inspiration for Mouse Rat had to come from somewhere, right?

From his spot-on observations to his passion for life, Andy is more in tune with what’s going on than many of his more educated friends in Pawnee, Indiana.

Still not buying into the genius that is Johnny Karate? We’ve rounded up some of his most surprisingly brilliant moments. Just sayin’, that April Ludgate is a lucky woman.

When he said what we were all thinking

Seriously, what is the math in that?

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When he noticed the truth about politics

Sorry, but it does look like a boob.

When he ate candy necklaces the way they’re meant to be eaten

None of that one-at-a-time nonsense.

When his military strategy was on point

Lions win every time.

When he figured out the secret to a good meal

“Butter is my favorite food!”

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When he nails the meaning of life

Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!

When his Roadhouse, Babe, and Rambo reenactments topped the actual movies

We’re crying, too, Donna.