Patrick Dempsey “Can Understand” His Diva Reputation (VIDEO)
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Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey “Can Understand” His Diva Reputation (VIDEO)


The McDream is long since over for Grey's Anatomy fans. In an ending Shonda Rhimes never wanted for the ABC show, Derek died in Season 11, leaving Meredith a widow — all because Patrick Dempsey wanted off the show.

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At the time, rumors flew about Patrick’s diva-like behavior. Now the 50-year-old is responding to those rumors… and he’s not disputing them.

Read on, Grey’s Anatomy fans…

“I think everybody was sort of surprised at how abrupt it was,” Patrick tells ABC News of Derek’s demise. “[But] it was time for us both to be finished … It’s hard to keep the creative energy going for 10 years.”

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So how about those diva rumors?

“I can understand why people would say that,” he says.

“It’s interesting. I think you can never really judge an actor on set, because depending on the dynamic of the scene, you are asked to plug into an emotion.”

We’re casting some side-eye at that rationalization. We have no doubt some actors are better than others at quarantining their character’s emotions when the cameras stop rolling, but professionalism has to be made a constant, and it seems like Patrick may have failed in that regard.

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But anyway, that’s not the only eye-opening anecdote the Golden Globe nominee reveals in the interview.

For example, it turns out he has never seen the pivotal episode in which his most famous character dies, an installment Shonda herself penned.

“I haven't seen the final episode … I think it doesn’t end well,” he quips. “One door closes, another door opens, my old man used to say.”

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In spite of it all, Patrick remains philosophical about his decade on the medical drama… and his McDreamy persona.

Grey’s Anatomy was a remarkable ride, and without that success I probably wouldn’t be here talking to you,” he tells ABC correspondent Neal Karlinsky.

And about that nickname: “It's going to be there for the rest of my life so I have to accept that as a fact. The question will be, will I be known for anything other than that later in life.”


Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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