Paula Faris Blames Whoopi Goldberg For Her Demotion on ‘The View’ — Report
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Paula Faris Blames Whoopi Goldberg For Her Demotion on ‘The View’ — Report


The View has more drama going on behind-the-scenes than it does on air!

Co-host Paula Faris reportedly lost it when she heard about her demotion for the new season— and she totally blamed Whoopi Goldberg.

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Paula, who is very public about her devout Christian beliefs, threw all scripture out the window as she slammed Whoopi during the meltdown in her dressing room.

Executives at ABC News have cut the Good Morning America anchor’s days on The View down from five to one.

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The cut comes after focus group feedback research revealed she had “some of the lowest [ratings] the network has seen since Elisabeth Hasselbeck,” a source at the network told Daily Mail Online.

The news correspondent will only appear on the Friday episodes moderated by original co-host, Joy Behar.

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“The day they told Paula she was livid. It was the first time anyone behind the scenes had ever seen her lose her cool.

“She yelled at the executives when they presented the information and said ‘This is a bunch of bull!’ She was outraged.”

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Paula was so loud that passerbyers could even hear her bashing Whoopi and the network outside her dressing room doors.

“I know this is Whoopi's doing,” Paula reportedly said.

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“She is adamant that the network bowed to pressure from Whoopi to get rid of Paula as part of her negotiations to return for Season 20,” the source added.

“Despite the fact that there was clear research showing her that the talk show's audience could not relate to her, she couldn't comprehend how the viewers did not like her.

“She kept saying, ‘She'll regret what she did to me, I promise you that.’”

The ABC reporter even threatened that she wouldn't leave the show.

“I'm not going anywhere, I'm here to stay,” she said defiantly.

But Whoopi is far beyond the drama, and will continue her reign as talk show queen when she returns for the 20th season of The View this fall.

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However a source close to the show told Wetpaint, "Whoopi is painted unfairly in this Daily Mail article. And that’s not Paula’s MO, she has nothing but respect for Whoopi and all she has accomplished."

The new season of The View will air in the fall on ABC — but if you aren’t a fan of the talk show, at least tune in to see all the new co-hosts!