Grey\'s Anatomy: What Percentage of the Show\'s Viewers Are Female?
Grey’s Anatomy: What Percentage of the Show’s Viewers Are Female?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: What Percentage of the Show’s Viewers Are Female?


When you think about guys watching TV — stereotypical guys, anyway — you think about crime procedurals, Spike TV shows, and football. But some of us menfolk embrace the "dark and twisty," heartstring-pulling drama of Grey's Anatomy.

In fact, it may surprise you to know that nearly a quarter of Grey's viewers are male.

In an article about the female-friendly programming on ABC, The New York Times notes that Grey's Anatomy is the most popular show among women, with just under 76% of the audience being female.

Additionally, the network has all of the top five most popular shows among women — and seven of the top ten.

But we're surprised that that portion is only 76%. We're not saying that men can't enjoy Grey's Anatomy — even the men who are "forced" to watch it by their significant others — but it's not a show that we usually associate with XY chromosomes.

And apparently, internet users don't either. Just look at questions posted to Yahoo! Answers: "Is it weird that I watch Grey's Anatomy as a male?" "Do guys think it's not macho to watch Grey's Anatomy?" "Is it weird?" "Is it gay?"

Ugh, dudes, get a hold of yourselves! It's a freakin' addictive show that never fails to entertain. Gay dudes: Take your pick of the uber-fine hunks. Straight dudes: Season 1 has Katherine Heigl's boobs.

See? Something for everyone.

Source: The New York Times

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