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5 Ways the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ “A” Reveal Doesn’t Make Sense


On last night's Pretty Little Liars Season 6 summer finale, CeCe (Vanessa Ray) was revealed as "A", and she explained her entire tragic backstory and answered many of our biggest questions. One problem: her story doesn't exactly fit the timeline and clues we know.

Honestly, we never expected the "A" reveal to make perfect sense. On a show that's lasted this long, some plot holes were inevitable. Still, we can't help but scratch our heads at these 5 facts that just don't add up with the story CeCe told us.

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Mrs. Cavanaugh's death timeline.
Bethany Young killing Toby’s mom when Bethany and CeCe were tweens was the biggest WTF moment of the night. We know from this flashback from Season 4, Episode 1 that Mrs. C was still alive when Toby (Keegan Allen) and Alison (Sasha Pieterse) were teens, and they're several years younger than CeCe. Also, Wilden supposedly covered this crime up, but we're pretty sure there's no way he's old enough to have been a cop when CeCe was that young. This timeline just makes zero sense.

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CeCe's old roommate. We're willing to throw aside all the conflicting info Mrs. D gave the Liars about CeCe under the assumption she was intentionally misleading them, but how do you explain her college roommate who told the story about Ali getting CeCe kicked out in Season 4, Episode 10? The only plausible answer here is "CeCe paid a rando off to lie," but man, is that a lazy out.

CeCe was in the Rosewood High yearbook. Yes, there was a scene this episode showing her getting a yearbook photo taken for fun, but that doesn't explain how she not only made it into the book, but got listed as prom queen. We know Rosewood is full of incompetent people, but surely the yearbook editor was aware of who the freaking prom queen actually was.

Charlotte and A
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Did she turn herself in? Remember when "A" turned CeCe into the cops for Wilden's murder? Are we supposed to believe she did that to herself? Why?

CeCe made all her money on the stock market. Sorry, but saying CeCe is a great investor doesn't cut it. The girls was locked in Radley with no resources for most of her life — when and how did she have time to make enough to build a giant torture fortress in the middle of nowhere?  

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Bonus: Mona just realized she killed Bethany Young. OK, this one has nothing to do with CeCe, but seriously. Mona (Janel Parrish) is a smart girl, how did she not realize she'd killed Bethany, not Ali, ages ago? She's literally known Ali was alive since that night!


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