Ashley Benson May Have Just Confirmed Spoby Is Over on ‘Pretty Little Liars’
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Pretty Little Liars

Ashley Benson May Have Just Confirmed Spoby Is Over on ‘Pretty Little Liars’


Though we probably saw the writing on the wall already, Spoby will not get back together on Pretty Little Liars. Ashley Benson more or less confirmed the end of this ship in an interview.

Ashley on-screen is one-half of one of the biggest OTPs in Rosewood with Haleb. And though Hanna and Caleb are reunited (!!!), she spills that the same won’t be happening for her fellow Liar Spencer.

Ashley was asked her favorite ship other than Haleb, and she gave Spoby a shoutout.

"I really thought Toby and Spencer were really cute together. They were just so cute. They had a lot of things in common. They loved books and could teach each other things and they were very, very cute together,” she said to Seventeen.

However, what she said next was even more interesting: “I was sad that they ended up not being together. But I've always loved them."

Whoa. Ashley definitely just spoiled that Spoby shippers won’t get their happily ever after.

It still hurts for devoted shippers, but really, we’ve been seeing this coming.

Toby is currently coping with the death of his very new wife, Yvonne. Spencer is getting much closer to Detective Marco Furey.

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Still, there were some little hints that Spencer and Toby’s connection was still alive.

There was that kiss in Season 7, Episode 10, to start with.

Then, Spencer has been supporting Toby through Yvonne’s hospital stay and upon the news of her death.

Finally, with the revelation that there will be another time jump in Season 7B, some fans thought  this would maybe create enough space for Toby and Spencer to find their way back to each other after tragedy.

Those dreams are pretty much crushed with Ashley’s words.

With Spoby probably out of the question, and Haleb seemingly set for a happily ever after, where do Ezria and Emison stand? Not to mention Sparco or Paily?

Do you think your OTP will be endgame?

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