‘Pretty Little Liars’ Stars Spill Who’d They Target if They Were “A”

Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Stars Spill Who’d They Target if They Were “A”


The Liars are used to being tormented by “A,” but what would they do if the tables were turned?

In an interview with EW, the Pretty Little Liars cast and Marlene King spill about who they would each target if they were the “A.D.” behind the hoodie.

Which, hey, one of them still might be….

Lucy Hale speaks up first, without hesitation.

“Lucas,” she says

“Aww, Brendan,” the rest of the girls cry out, referring to the actor who plays him, Brendan Robinson.

It’s crystal clear Lucas is a whole lot less shady off screen with that reaction.

After joking around that maybe Wayne Fields is still alive and they would target him, Ashley Benson throws a different dad under the bus.

“I feel like Byron,” she says.

Seems she agrees with theories that Byron Montgomery or his family still have something to do with the “A.D.” game.

Lucy speaks up again, dropping not just one person, but a whole group of people she would target as “A.”

“The cops,” she says, and Troian Bellisario quickly jumps in to agree.

“Oh yeah, I would turn it back on the cops,” she says, as Sasha Pieterse nods next to her.

We wonder if that includes Toby….

At least one cop (who is not Toby) does get a shout-out, though: Detective Linda Tanner.

Ashley gushes about how much she loves the actress who portrays Tanner, Roma Maffia, and the rest of the Liars totally agree.

“She was a good cop,” Marlene says.

“She was a good cop in that she wouldn’t let us get away with silly little things like crimes,” Troian quips.

Troian herself, though, has a much different target of wrath if she were “A.”

“If I were ‘A’ I would take it out on Ezra,” she says, looking over at Lucy, who bursts out laughing.

“Maybe that’s just my Sparia dreams,” Troian continues. YAS!


But there’s a non-love triangle reason Troian would target Ezra, too.


“Mostly because of what he did to us with the book. He was real weird for a while,” she says.

Marlene agrees, saying there should be a whole reversal where “A” targets all the guys and leaves the Liars alone for a beach vacation.

Hey, we’d watch that show!

Check out the whole EW video below:


Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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