The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast Tries to Remember Every Single On-Screen Hookup
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The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast Tries to Remember Every Single On-Screen Hookup


Do you remember everyone the Pretty Little Liars cast has hooked up with on camera? As you’ll learn, sometimes it’s hard for even them to remember.

In a video for Vanity Fair, the actresses behind Emily, Hanna, Aria, Alison, and Spencer gather to see if they can recollect every person their characters have kissed, and things get pretty funny.

As Lucy Hale quips, in Rosewood, there’s “not much to do but kill people and have sex.”

Let’s see each character’s list of kisses!

Emily Fields

  1. Maya St. Germain
  2. Paige McCullers
  3. Samara Cook
  4. Talia Sandoval
  5. Lyndon James, aka Nate St. Germain
  6. Sabrina
  7. Sara Harvey
  8. Alison DiLaurentis
  9. Ben Coogan

The rest of the Liars actresses try to get Shay Mitchell to add Shana to her list — remember? The one Aria killed? — but Shay has a way better memory of her on-screen hookups and remembers that the final place is her first ever BF, Ben.

That guy was also the worst. Actually, out of these, three have ended up pretty evil. Emily, hopefully you have a happy ending with someone much better for you.

Hanna Marin

  1. Caleb Rivers (shared with Spencer)
  2. Sean Ackard
  3. Jordan Hobart
  4. Gabriel Holbrook (shared with Alison)
  5. Travis Hobbs
  6. Wren Kingston (shared with Spencer)
  7. Mike Montgomery

Obvi Ashley Benson places Hanna’s OTP Caleb first. “Steamy, fireplaces,” she says as she puts his picture on the board. But never forget the off-screen hookup of Hanna and Mike!

Aria Montgomery

  1. Liam Greene
  2. Jake
  3. Riley
  4. Andrew Campbell (shared with Spencer)
  5. Jason DiLaurentis
  6. Noel Kahn
  7. Ezra Fitz (shared with Alison)
  8. Wesley Fitzgerald
  9. Connor

“Let me gather my victims,” Lucy Hale jokes as she pulls together the pictures of all of Aria’s hookups.

And there are a LOT of those victims. Go Aria!

“We were trying to figure out who ‘A’ was and Aria was just macking,” Troian Bellisario jokes. Just wait for your turn, Troian.

Alison DiLaurentis

  1. Archer Dunhill
  2. Lorenzo Calderon
  3. Ian Thomas (shared with Spencer)
  4. Beach Hottie
  5. Emily Fields
  6. Ezra Fitz (shared with Aria)

Praise hands for the inclusion of Beach Hottie!

Listening to Sasha Pieterse explain the Charlotte-Archer-Jason-Alison family/love triangle is an absolute joy, so it’s worth re-living her terrible relationship for.

Plus, then we get Troian saying this: “Toby has to be there with Jenna. More incest in the land of Rosewood.”

Spencer Hastings

  1. Caleb Rivers (shared with Hanna)
  2. Toby Cavanaugh
  3. Wren Kingston (shared with Hanna)
  4. Ian Thomas (shared with Alison)
  5. Colin
  6. Marco Furey
  7. Jonny Raymond
  8. Alex Santiago

“We’ve got Toby over here. She lost her virginity but she never got that ring,” Troian says about her character’s OTP, Spoby.

Also, Alex was such a winner boyfriend. Maybe we should be pushing for a Spalex happily ever after.

After the Pretty Little Liars cast goes down memory lane about their love interests, they then (naturally) talk about everyone who is dead. Let’s just say a whole lot of X-es get added to the board to cross people off.

But it’s not over yet. They all agree that before the PLL series finale, a lot more people will die.

Watch the whole Vanity Fair video here:

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