6 Reasons to Believe Charlotte Is Still Alive On \'Pretty Little Liars\'
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6 Reasons to Believe Charlotte Is Still Alive On ‘Pretty Little Liars’


The whole of Pretty Little Liars Season 7 and 6B has been centered on one major mystery: Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis? But is this mystery just one more trick from the former “A”?

Is Charlotte still alive on Pretty Little Liars? We shouldn’t put it past this master manipulator.

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Since the time jump, PLL has been peppered with new Charlotte, aka Cece Drake, mysteries. They could all be leading up to the big reveal that Charlotte, just like her family member Alison before her, faked her death. Here are six hints and reasons to believe “A” is still up to her old schemes.

1. We Never Saw Charlotte’s Face

Rosewood PD doesn’t need more shade thrown its way, but come on: The police haven’t had the best track record at identifying bodies, especially female blondes. With the added complications of twins and masks, who knows when anyone is really dead?

Toby identified the body as Charlotte DiLaurentis just by giving her a quick once-over. Sorry, Toby, but can we trust that?

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2. She Has Access To a Paralyzing Drug

We did see Charlotte, or someone who looked exactly like her, at her funeral in an open casket.

We PLL fans know, however, that making someone look dead is actually a Charlotte specialty — just ask Mona, Jason, and Ken. She uses a drug that paralyzes people so they can think and hear and see, but cannot move.

3. Charlotte Lied In Her “A” Reveal

It seemed like CeCe Drake was ready to spill everything and admit she’s “Charles,” aka Charlotte DiLaurentis, but she left out some huge things.

The most major? She knows Jessica wasn't her mother. The surname Drake didn’t come out of thin air, so she knew about Mary Drake but said nothing. She was still keeping secrets.

4. Eliza’s Dolls Left a Clue

At the Amish B&B, we learned Charlotte gave dolls to Eliza and named them after each of the Liars. So, Charlotte visited with Elliott during her time at Radley? Several times? Was this after she was released? And if she supposedly died the night she was released from Radley, is this a hint she’s still alive?

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Even if it was an innocent trip with Elliott while she was being treated, there’s this:

“How much better did Charlotte really get if she was still naming dolls after us?” Aria asks.

“I’m guessing not much,” Hanna says.

This is just one small clue Charlotte’s “cured” behavior with Alison at home was maybe just an act. Instead, Charlotte still had games to play, especially with the Liars.

5. Her Relationship With Elliott Rollins

It was also confirmed at the Amish B&B that Elliott and Charlotte were kissing, so they were definitely involved romantically. It was something we already thought, because of what happened the night Charlotte “died.”

Allegedly, when Alison told Charlotte hat she was romantically involved with Elliott, Charlotte ran from the house. Eventually, that night she died at the belltower.

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We know Elliott is avenging Charlotte’s death, so he clearly loved her. But, he was dating Ali, pretending to have feelings for her prior to the death. In other words, he was messing with Alison’s head even before he thought his love died.

It definitely could mean Charlotte planned this fake relationship and the entire sequence of events that night ahead of time.

6. The Melissa Thing

Before Alison, Melissa Hastings was suspect No. 1 for Charlotte’s death. Maybe that’s because Charlotte planned it that way.

If the Liar dolls mean Charlotte wasn’t exactly “better” in Radley, then her calling Wren to rat out Melissa for burying Bethany Young means she was also still a master manipulator.

In a flashback, we see Hanna running into Melissa in a fancy bathroom in London.

“How’s Wren?” Hanna asks Spencer’s sister.

“He’s gone. He left me. That scheming nut job who made your life a living hell has now moved on to mess with mine.” she replies.

“You mean Charlotte?

“Who the hell gave that twisted sister phone privileges? I mean, how does someone with her resume get put under penthouse arrest.”

“I try not to think about her. Forgive and forget.”

“A leopard doesn’t change its spots.”

Melissa may be right. A leopard doesn’t change its spots, and Charlotte is still playing the "A" game.

It never really made sense that a thin, lightweight piece of metal from Melissa’s suitcase was able to kill a grown woman. Maybe that’s just how Charlotte was continuing to “mess with” Melissa’s life, and if she wants people to think she’s dead, she needs a murder suspect. That person, she decided, would be Melissa.

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