Did You Know 3 \'Pretty Little Liars\' Stars Were on The O.C.?
Pretty Little Liars Cast
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Pretty Little Liars

Did You Know 3 ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Stars Were on The O.C.?


Are you ready to have your Pretty Little Liars-loving mind blown? Three of PLL’s main cast members appeared on teen drama classic The O.C. as teenagers. Can you name all three?

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Lucy Hale as Hadley Hawthorne

Are you ready for a Lucy Hale blast from the past? Baby Lucy (OK, she was actually 16) played Hadley Hawthorne, Kaitlin Cooper’s high school roomie, in Season 3 of The O.C. She was pretty cool, too. It was all “obvies” and “lacrosstitutes.” This is definitely not Aria Montgomery. It is pretty crazy to think that Lucy has been playing a teenager for almost ten years. (Have we mentioned how excited we are for that time jump?) It’s also cool to see Lucy acting with Arrow star Willa Holland, who played Marissa’s baby sister. We’d love to see these two reunited on TV sometime soon. Arrow/PLL crossover, anyone? 

Ashley Benson as Riley

Get this: Ashley Benson and Janel Parrish appeared in the same episode of The O.C. What are the odds? In Season 4, Episode 6, 16-year-old Ashley played Riley, a posh rival of Kailtin Cooper’s whose party is upstaged when Kaitlin throws her own beer bash to get back at Riley’s in-crowd arrogance. At the party, Riley discovers that her boyfriend is gay. So, not the best party for Riley ever.

Janel Parrish

In the same episode, 18-year-old Janel played Riley’s best friend, Leah, which is all kinds of adorable given that the two actresses would later play BFFs on PLL. Leah is cute and stylish to Riley’s arrogant and sexy, but both are members of the school’s wealthy in-crowd. Check out Janel chatting about the experience of working with Ashley as both a teen on The O.C. and later on PLL in the Clevver TV video above and check out this adorable throwback tweet Janel shared from their time on The O.C. set...